Sunday, September 6, 2015

The last letter from the mission field

Dear Family, 

The last few days in your mission are weird haha you feel like you are just going to a different area that you will still be here and that there is always another change left..but i have also been forcing myself to come to the reality that this it for now as a full time missionary maybe ill be blessed someday to do it again or in some way but at least i know that it wont be as flashy or crazy like a full time missionary but that i can still be one it will just have to be a little more quiet more private but just as important because there is always someone that needs to be invited lift up and receive help. 
It has been like dad said mixed emotions I'm excited to start something new have new experiences and meet more people i like changes i got blessed to always have them and do new things but i also don't want to have to let things go its hard for me to say goodbye i don't like doing it very much and it gets harder every time 

But sorry i cant write as much there keeping me busy here we have to go open a area right now so I will have to tell you everything just in your faces i love you all so much thank you for everything

Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

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