Sunday, October 26, 2014

A bus contact. . .

Dear Family,

This week was a super sweet week we went to Antigua for zone pday AGAIN!!!

But it was all good.  We ate good food there it's like the only place expect for the capital that actually has food that you would say is food.

We also for district pday went to go to a park were they do replicas of parts of Guatemala that was cool we also played football which you know that I love and I saw some of my converts from Barcenas there that was cool to. 

We also had the privilege of have 4 baptism of a family that is super pillas!! It was a good Sunday that day. And we are trying to be having 6 more this week. Of another family and a young man and girl.

The family is straight up gold which is just the best and you are always thanking God for families like that because they are a gift. They were a bus contact because here we get on the buses and just start shouting and telling everyone that we are going to pass by and ask for your directions and some give us there directions but its super rare that they actually get baptized!! It's the first for me but it shows you that every contact is a contact of faith.

We also had a crazy experience so in this family hat we just baptized there is a man and he has come to church with us and wants to be baptized but he has a problem with alcohol and he drank that Sunday when we passed by for them he was drunk and crying because he knew what he did was wrong and I was just telling him that it is okay we are going to help you but you should go to sleep right now and later we will talk to you. So without him we wouldn't be completing a goal me and my companion put which is 10 baptism for this change but then the mom came up to us and told us that the daughter wants to get baptized so we will be baptizing his daughter this week and I know it's because God is helping us and answering our prayers because of the sacrifices and hard work that we are doing. 

But next week we will be having changes so who know what will happen if I stay or go haha with me you never know.

But see you all till next week love you 

Elder Toma

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