Sunday, November 2, 2014

I thank God every day

Dear family and friends...and everybody else,

This week was absolutely incredible and I thank God every day and night for it.

So to begin my companion and I put as a goal 10 baptism for the change but the thing is one that's a lot for a change but two its ridiculously a lot for a change of only 4 weeks!!! But I felt that it was what we should put.

So me and my companion began to work hard and be as obedient as possible. And the weeks went by and we had challenges we had set up weddings and they all fell through our investigators would drink or something would happen that would stop them to be baptized but then we had a miracle of baptizing the Lima family which was four then we only faulted 6 more and we had a family that was already to go and a couple of others that could do it.
But that week that we were planning to have these 6 baptisms they all fell through except for two because of drinking or something happening Satan was really fighting in this week. But then we had the miracles.

Me and my companion went to a members house were we found a young man that we had seen in the church every single Sunday but my companion  said that he is sure that he is a member but I went ahead and asked him and he said no!!! then I asked him why not and he said it's because his family didn't give him permission but he had just turned 18 that last month. So we invited him to be baptized and he said yes!! So we taught him everything and he was baptized that following week. 

The second miracle we had planned to baptize a man that is part of the family lima but when we came he was super drunk so we knew that he couldn't do it that week. But then his sister who was just baptized came up to us and told us that his daughter that was 10 years old felt that the church was true and wanted to be baptized and she had come to church 2 times already! so we could see that hand  of the lord in this moment the father couldn't be baptized but the daughter could so we taught her as well everything and she was baptized.

Then we had our family that we found on a bus!! That's my first bus contact that I have ever had that was baptized they are incredible this family. But their daughters had doubts and it came to the point that they didn't want to talk to us they liked going to church and knew everything but didn't want to be pressured. And if they weren't going to be baptized we wouldn't get 10 baptisms but one day on Friday the day before they would have their interviews the father wanted to meet with us and talk about his daughters. And he just starts asking us what should we do and we started to plan on how we could help them so that they could all be baptized as a family. So we met with the daughters and we talked with them  and the sprit helped us in this moment and we had a powerful lesson and we got them to say that yes they would come and have their interviews. after we left the father sent us a message that said I don't know what you guys did or said  but they have changed dramatically and they want to do it now thank you my family is a lot happier for what you have done. and we had the blessing of having this family be baptized.

And we had the miracle of having 10 baptisms  exactly for this change and I know that it was the Lord that did it not us we were just his hands in this moment. And my mission president told me that he knew that me and my companion were going to complete this goal that's why he sent me here.
 but my current companion is named Elder Cabellero he is from Honduras and has only 8 months in the mission but he will be leaving this change and I will be training haha and I already know that it will be a gringo so we will see what happens in this crazy change. 

But hah my Spanish is good I just work on learning random words now but yeah the Mayan slaughtered my Spanish and English for awhile but its normal again thank goodness.  But I hope everything is all good with your guys Braden is turning into a gorilla and I hope Conner is doing really well and keeps killing it in his studies.

Love you all

Elder Toma

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