Sunday, November 30, 2014

The sun will come out tomorrow

Dear Family,

So for this week we just were fighting like mad men to get these baptisms for this week but it seemed like everything was against us so I really tried to help my companion this week learn about patience
 and hope and faith that the sun will come out tomorrow.

But it did seem  like we weren't going to have any baptism though everything was just going all the wrong way and we could see that Satan was definitely attacking not only us but the whole mission we seem to be struggling as a mission right now don't really know exactly why but it makes me feel bad for my President because of how much stress he must have right now. But we I have found that when you truly have the faith that God will do his part but on HIS time we will do it and it is happening know we did have a miracle baptism of a girl that had been talking to the missionaries for over a year!!! But my companion and I really focused on her and what she really needs and what is stopping her and we helped her through it and the Spirit always does the rest and now she got baptized and it makes me happy because her sister was baptized almost a year ago but has been staying faithful the whole time and I hate seeing members that are alone without the support of their family so now she has her sister too. But at first we didn't know if she was going to get baptized because her mom wasn't giving permission!!! But we had a very very powerful lesson with her about how God loves us and will guide us when we look for him and she just started crying when we asked her if she felt that God was trying to guide her daughters and her and she said yes and gave permission for her to get baptized and we are now working with the mom I just love the spirit!!
And know we are seeing the fruits of our labors because we are going to try and baptize 5 people this week and we need all the prayers we can get because every single one of them has been a pure miracle and un planned for  really but that they are going to get baptized so please pray for
1.            Jocilyn and Mindy Jal
2.            Carolina Reys
3.            Melisa Dabila
4.            Cristina and Monica Sian
5.            Pablo and Esperanza Reys 

But we also had a wedding and those are always the best when you get those and we have no idea what we are going to be doing for Thanksgiving this year because they don't celebrate it here!! I think we are just going to hang out as a district and eat together like Dominos or something haha

But it sounds like you are all doing really well its weird that I turn 20 don't feel like it at all haha and that Christmas is all ready coming again it feels like yesterday I was in Santa Barbara celebrating my first one  the time just goes now and its weird how everything changes the more time you start to get everything is just weird haha but I love it

Love you all

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