Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dear Family,

So this week has yet been another week of just baptism whoooaaa!! ME and my companion have been blessed abundantly this change hah and I am happy that my companion can feel this success at a early time in his mission and learn how to keep getting it so that he always will have this drive  to keep going.

It's been great being with him I love training it's pretty fun and funny but I have a feeling that I will be leaving this change so the next email will be me in a different area I think. But back to the baptism we had 4 great baptism this week!! This change I have really been seeing how the lord prepares everyone for their specific time and people really can change to the point that they are someone new my testimony really in the atonement has gone up dramatically and I am so grateful for the gift that my savior has given me to become the kind of person that my father can be proud of. And in the end reach the point where he wants me and believes that I can get.
But for this week we are just trying to be prepare to finish of the change with 2 more baptisms their names are Carloina and Monica so pleases pray for them.
For thanksgiving we didn't do much we just ate a ton of pizza and cake haha was pretty good LOVE THANKSGIVING!!

And yes I am turning 20 this Sunday and to me that is very old and I still feel like I am a 18 year old snot nose punk. and it is so weird that it is already Christmas again  but I love Christmas and this time of the year even though it is still super hot here all year long haha unless I go to the mountains again. the church has come out with a new video that they want us to share with everyone it's called HE IS THE GIFT so you can go watch it on youtube on the 7 it will just be that which is really cool but also on a web site that is it's a really good video on how we should focus more on Christ and how he is our gift from God.

I have really been focusing on how to make myself even better at following and receiving revelation to the point that it is more easier then just seeing and listening and it is hard!!! I think God starts you off with baby steps and tests you to really see if you are willing to follow his promptings  and then it just becomes better and better till you do reach that point it definitely is a skill and based on your worthiness.

But I love you all

Elder Toma

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