Sunday, December 21, 2014

Back to Barcenas

Dear Family,

As you have all known I have had changes from the last time we talked and it looks like that I have come back to Barcenas again!! Just a different part of it haha know I am just in the higher part not the lower one like last time but it's the same ward and everything so I get to see my old converts which is just awesome!!! Don't even know if you guys remember Barcenas for so many areas I have had haha but it was the second one after my first. It was also the very last change of my trainer Elder Osegura now miseal haha but it was pretty dang sad haha we cried in the changes hah but he was one of the best Elders I know for sure.

But know I am with a new companion his name is Elder Fulmer haha another gringo!! What is up with that and he is from the same group as the elder that I trained and from the same place to only like 5 minutes apart Ogden Utah baby!!! It does feel like I am training though his Spanish needs....some help but he is a great Elder and we are doing just fine my Spanish is getting a little worse for all of these north American companions that I am having haha. We are working with some people to get baptized this week and the next so if you could pray for

             Andres and Andrea
             Solestre and her family

thanks but yeah my Christmas package did arrive thanks mommy!!!! I'll try to wait for Christmas to open it. 
But thanks dad for the quotes I had some questions about personal revelation and following the promptings of the spirit.

But to answer the question for mom the answer is that God has blessed me more then I deserve and I still don't get how I do it becuase I'm not that amazing of a Elder.

But I don't have anything else to say this week other that I love you all a lot and don't be afraid to open your mouths and share the gift that we have which is the true gospel of Jesus Christ

Love Elder Toma

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