Sunday, January 11, 2015

Feliz Navidad!

Dear Family, 

Thanks for all of the cards and notes from Uncle Nate and Grandma and Grandpa Toma even though I’m not allowed to read them yet ha-ha.   I’ll do it when I get home it’s the thought that counts right. 

But this week has been another week of miracles we will be baptizing this week. It a young women that we have been only talking to for like 2 weeks but her sister and brother are members but she just began to have the desire to change her life and saw the difference in her brother and sister and in their family and she wants the same for her family its awesome to see how the Lord prepares people before you even get there. But here name is Irma so please pray for here that she can get baptized this week and also we are fighting to have other miracle baptisms this week of a women named Rosmarie and also a man named Andres and his daughter Andrea and a man named Eliseo so please please pray for every single one that they can change a new leaf and make this covenant with God to start off the new year and a new life. 

 But ha-ha I wasn’t going to say anything but yes I am the district leader in Barcenas it is really a privilege to help other missionaries reach their full potential I love teaching so that is pretty fun and I don’t know I was a little nervous for my first meeting, but not at all now it feels pretty natural ha-ha but I didn’t know that President Markham writes to tell that people are leaders but I guess the theme for me and Sister Toma this week is someone ¨spilled the beans¨  

But I love you all and I will be seeing you real soon (on Skype)!!! 


Elder Toma 

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