Sunday, January 11, 2015

I love to see the temple

Hey family, 

Well I don’t know if I can do what sister Toma does ha-ha my memory is just gone now and we don’t have as much time to write but I will try. 

For Monday we ended up have our district meeting because for Tuesday we had pday for the zone which we went to the temple!! Whoo that was pretty awesome I love the temple there’s nothing better. And while in there I got a lot of answers resolved and I learned a lot about how to get really closer to God through prayers and covenants. But it also helps when your President is behind you and just starts whispering in your ear but a lot of things ha-ha. 

 This week though we were excited we finally had two people that we had already to be baptized but they both ended up falling one drank and the other had family problems... But with that I have been drawing closer to the Savior more and more it has been stressful as a district it just seems that something keeps happening to us and we just can’t seem to get it done. But I have also had a lot of personal analysis and realizing when it was ever truly easy for him how many easy days did the savior have? How many pdays did he even really have? When he got tired did he work less or more??  When he was rejected did he close his mouth or open and teach even more people?  I have begun to really get to know my savior and sometimes to get to know him you have to walk a little bit where he walked and suffer little bit of what he suffered. 

 I have come to understand that trials aren’t bad they are just moments of purification and you just accept it humbly and try to be batter and purified and that is what I am trying to do right now hah and it isn’t that easy but I am also learning like it says in the scriptures to ¨wrestle in the spirt¨   
But I also know that this is his work and we must just pray that we can deliver his message the best we can and that he will do all the rest I love a phrase that Pres. Brough would say that ´´we must work like everything depends on us and pray like everything depends on God´´ And with that I will be making a lot of changes and covenants so that I work like everything is on me and pray because it really is God that delivers.  

 To answer dad’s questions yeah it’s fun being the district leader and yeah I help and do divisions to teach how the missionaries should work better and teach your thought and focus change as a leader that’s for sure. 

Ha-ha my companion will get there he just needs help learning how to teach more effectively and how to use the spirt to convert them and his Spanish but he has a big heart. But I LOVE PREACH MY GOSPAL that will you teach you everything you need to know especially chapter 10 and 8.  

But I love the mission and the changes that I can have though it and I know that we are going to have success so be ready to hear about the baptisms this week please pray for 

Victor, angel, Enrique, Danial, Olga, and Irma 

Love you all 

Elder Toma 


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