Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy ano nuevo!!

Buenas mi familia!!! 

Soo yeah pretty much what happened to sister Toma happened to me ha-ha nobody wrote. But it’s because we are having our pday tomorrow because we are going to the temple whoo!! That should be pretty awesome. 

So yeah it was awesome skyping you all sorry if I couldn’t talk a lot it’s harder to talk in English now ha-ha especially to understand your accents. 

So for the whole district we had planned everyone to baptize this last week but no one ended up baptizing!!! Al of our investigators ended up leaving for some reason or another it was just ridiculous. But I know that God will bless us in the end and that they will all get baptized and that we will be having a lot of success in district Barcenas.  

 For Christmas we just ate a ton! Almost threw up they just kept giving it to us ha-ha they make here two things for Christmas tamales and punche tamales is like a thing that they make out of cooked corn that they make into a type of dough and they put sauce in it and meat  and punche is like a fruit drink with fruit in it there both pretty good and  we watched the crazy amount of fireworks that they do here and we got to be with members that live on the side of  a huge hill so we could see all of the fireworks in the whole capital of Guatemala that was sweet!!! then me and my companion had to run all the way down this hill because we were running late ha-ha and we have a pretty sweet movie on it all have to show you it someday ha-ha. 

 But I have been learning a lot already in this change about always being of good cheer even if things are somewhat down because they will always go back up if we allow it and make it happen. I love a talk by Spencer W Kimball called the attitude of the mind and how it says in a part that we can be creators of circumstances or we can be the creators of them and that there are two makers in this world you and God. 

 And I have seen that in all of my mission that it doesn’t matter where you are or the people or the culture that won’t determine your success what will determine it is how you react and adapt to that situation and have the faith that God is preparing people for you were ever you are you just have to be willing to follow the spirt and the will of him that sent you. Because he knows what he is doing. 

I love you see you next week!! 

Elder Toma 

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