Saturday, September 6, 2014

Naq chikela

Dear family!!

Well if you were wondering what the title means it means (who knows) ha-ha

But everything is going great here we had another miracle baptism!! Yeahhh we're catching fire here.
And here name is Dalia she just turned 11 yesterday and we are also hoping to baptize her sister and mom this week so pray for them their names are Jospha and Lorena.

But we also had 7 investigators come to church which is like the first time in like 5 months or more!!! We are just seeing blessing every day. It really is cool. I saw that in one of the photos of Sister Toma that she skyped you is that right? Its super weird that school already starts up again I remember like 4 emails ago it was just getting out.

We are also finding A TON of people positive that are progressing and we are hoping to be seeing a lot of success here in Santiago. it just goes to show that yes there are people out there that are waiting for the opportunity to hear the truth you just have to go out and find them even if it means getting beat up a little bit. One thing I have been thinking about a lot lately is kindness. So the girl that we baptized it was her birthday yesterday right so me and my companion decided to go buy a cake for her and celebrate her birthday for like 10 minutes. We com
e to find out that she has never celebrated her birthday ever in her life and she is turning 11. One thing is that they are very poor and don't have a lot of money and second every time she asked her father if they could celebrate it he would say that yeah sure we will do it but then he never does (because he forgets). That is terrible and really a tragedy to see. And when we brought the cake over and the soda the smile and joy that was on her face was priceless.

What we did was not something over the top or something that was really that big we just should a little bit of kindness and love and that is what made all of the difference.

The Lord does not ask us to have to do many things that are really too big or hard (depending on your attitude) But he does ask and invite us. To show love to one another. And that can easily be done through kindness you don't have to go out and do something ridiculous. But there is always someone that can need your help whatever it might be. Our mission leader is blind so he cannot move around a lot on his own but every Sunday on of the members goes and gets him to go to church and we always invite him to come with us to visit people so that he can complete his calling as a mission  leader.
If everyone was just a little more thoughtful of everyone else around them the world would be different but sometimes we think we have no time or the thing we are doing is more important or that it has to get done right now or the worst excuse someone else will take care of it. But we should always remember there is always time to help someone in need because that time is for the lord like it says in Mosiah 2:17  we are really only in the service in the lord and really the person that is going to get the most out of it is yourself. So I invite everyone this week to go out and to do just 1 act of service or kindness  for someone just 1 thing and you will really see what the lord wants from everyone of us as children and servants of God.

But I love you all everything is cool here in Santiago it's still crazy but you kind of get use to the craziness in a weird way. Hope you all have a good week


Elder Toma

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