Sunday, September 21, 2014

We are here to declare repentance to everyone

This week has been yet another week of miracles we had another baptism this week. And we are hoping to be baptizing a family also this week. Wahoo. It's so unheard of here in Santiago of the success that we are having but my companion and I know that it is the Lord more than us.  We are just working the way He wants.

Another miracle is that we also found a BUNCH of new investigators in like only one day!! And EVERY single one went to church. What?! That was a first in Santiago history --  9 investigators coming to church.  It's just incredible the miracles and blessing we are having right now.

But for this week we traveled a lot.  We had our meetings as a zone and also a special conference with one of the area seventy Elder Orchoa it was a really good conference and I learned a lot there. 

One thing I learned is that we are here to declare repentance to everyone and for them to know that and to help them to change not just be converted and that's how we are going to baptize more and they are going to stay as well in the church. But it was hard we like didn't sleep the whole week.  We were so dead haha but we received a ton of blessings for it.

So yes if people were wondering I will be complete a year in like 3 days which is just ridiculous and I don't really think about it the time is just crazy fast and it just makes me work even faster because the time is precious but more importantly it isn't my time to begin with it's the Lords.

But is Sister Toma a trainer now?  I didn't really get it in her email.

My time here in Santiago has been amazing and I feel that I have grown and changed the most here in Santiago  and it is just a incredible opportunity to work here and I will never forget it. And one thing that's has stuck out to me is something m president told me in my interview to go here is that you were pre ordained to go to this area and that certain people are waiting for you there. And I feel more blessed to be here then the people I have met its just really hard to explain Santiago you just have to live here haha  but it really is incredible to live with the pure descendants of Lehi and it is EVEN crazier to be learning their language which is really super close to Hebrew I listened to two girls from Israel yesterday and it sounds the same just a little higher pitched its CRAZY.

Love Elder Toma

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