Sunday, February 22, 2015

Vida Loca

Well this week has been incredible.  Sorry but I won’t be able to send pictures.  Something is wrong with my camera. I don’t know if it’s the battery or what but now it won’t turn on even if I charge the battery all the way. So that’s annoying but I’ll try and send some from my companion’s next week. 

 We saw some major miracles this week.  We had a baptism of a young man named Carlos.  He is super pillas was very ready and now he got baptized by yours truly and will be confirmed.  The goal for him is serve a mission; he is already 22 so will just get him already to go. 

It has definitely been crazy.  We are super busy all the time especially because our area is 2 times bigger because they closed the area of the sisters and because of that we have like 50 converts to...that’s crazy. But it’s all good we have seen the miracles and blessings for it we will be privileged to have two more baptisms this week of a man named Marco Tulio and Nicole so please pray for them .And also for Virginia, Luciana, Alfredo, Carlos, Julio, Anderson, Dominic, and Paola and Alejandra that they can all be baptized in the month of March.  We are going to be baptizing like crazy as a zone that month.  The goal is 72 so please pray that the zone can do it. 

Ummm to the fun stuff well I knew that I will be staying for what like 4 months at home after my mission.  Just try and find some work for me to do so that I don’t go crazy.  If people are offering jobs just tell me ha-ha.  And tell the Bishop to give me a calling whatever it is I’m willing.  For schooling ha-ha who knows I will see if there is anybody that will be going to USU.   I have one friend that just got home but we will see what happens my companion is tempting me to go to BYU Idaho ha-ha and its making me think I got a lot more friends that are there but it’s where I need to be not where I want to be. So we’ll see. 

That’s great that Conner won his wrestling matches!! I screamed yes when I read it just keep working super hard buddy. 

But sorry I can’t write anymore I don’t have time more next I promise!!!!!! 

Love you all 

Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Amatitlan for life!!!

Dear Family, 

 Well this  week has been a crazy one yeah changes have come and gone and it looks like I have gone back to one of my zone yet again ha-ha I’ve gone back to Amatitlan which is just weird because I was just there like only 2 months ago ha-ha. But this time I am with Elder Johnson!!!!! Yeah another gringo!!!!!!!!! He entered in the mission with me so that makes it super fun we totally didn’t expect to be together I don’t think anybody did ha-ha but it  really great to be with him in Amatitlan its already being a fun change but man oh man has the mission changed there is a lot more responsibility now  and pressure this zone is the number 1 baptizing zone but if we don’t baptize we just look like clowns and the stake here is a straight up business it is super organized and the stake president expects a lot out of us. But it is all good we are going to just kill it here. 

 Ha-ha I laugh every time I see the photos of sister Toma it’s like the complete opposite of where I am there’s no snow its cold and there  are huge complicated and beautiful (forgot how to spell that) buildings hah you don’t want to know the things I have had to see and live in but I absolutely love it!!!! But yeah there are a lot of missionaries that aren’t in the mission anymore we’re down to only 175 right now but we have received permission from Salt Lake and they are going to send more till it comes to about 220 so there is going to be a lot of trainers and newbies ha-ha it should be fun So that’s why they closed a lot of areas but this next change they will start opening them back up.  

 But right now we finished a zone training and had our President and the stake presidents talk to us because in March we are going to be going for 72 baptisms (that’s a lot!!!) and we are going to get it if we work hard with the members and are obedient so please pray for us. 

But this photo is my white bible (Missionary manual) I dropped it in the toilet by accident then I thought it would be a good idea if I just  put it in the microwave for like a minute or two and this is what happens.....I learned a lesson that day and now just have a manual in English ha-ha 

You can learn something new everyday 

 Love you all 

Elder Toma 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Miracles and Surprises!

Hola mi familia y los dem├ís jaja, 

Well this week has just been awesome!! Full of just the best miracles and crazy stories mixed with a little bit of shockers. 

So to start off I actually have 8 months left in the mission not 6 ha-ha some people are getting a little bit trunky I think. 

 But we have just the best miracles as a district we had 4 baptisms this last Sunday whoo!!!! And another one today!!! Busy busy busy lots of interviews. But it was great we have seen a lot of miracles as a district. 

 I was though getting a little stressed out though in our district we had been baptizing me and my companion and the other Elders but the sisters just seemed to be having the hardest time and couldn’t seem to get it down. And one of them finishes her mission this Wednesday it’s actually funny she was in my first district and now I am in her last. but these sisters were just suffering and suffering but they would work like animals and just show us up when it came to the numbers but with baptisms nothing and I could tell it was getting to them but I would try and animated them and help them so that they could have success and the hope and faith that they could do it. 

Well it came to the last week of changes for it to happen but they baptized but oh man was it a miracle baptism. So they found a women through knocking on door and turned out she was baptized like 4 months ago but never confirmed because she moved away unexpectedly. And when we tried to find her records of her baptism they were ever to be found so with that they received permission to baptize her again!! 

At first she was willing and excited but when it came to interview time me and my companion began to go down to do this interview but then the sisters called me and I could tell they were upset and crying (Like sister missionaries do) And I was trying to ask what happened what’s wrong and they explained to me that Hermana Concepcion is in the house but the family is lying to us and saying that she isn’t and that she left and all of this stuff pretty much in small words she was having cold feet. 

So I told them to calm down try to talk to the family ask where she is or if she can come out if she’s there and we are one our way. One thing have learned in my mission is that we are really nothing and it is and always be the lord that does everything we just have to be willing to obey. When we were headed over there I didn’t know what we should do I felt like Nephi when he entered the city to get the brass plates and that like him the (spirt of the lord guided me) So we got there they let us in to sit down and no more then than 2 minutes later Concepcion walks in, we invited her to sit down we began with a prayer and the first things that she says is "I don’t want to be baptized" The sisters looked upset but began to talk to her and figure out why not turns out it was because  of when she was baptized the first time and didn’t understand why she had to do it again the sisters reminded her why but she didn’t accept it well one of the kids in the house fell or something so she says I’ll be right back then the sisters turn to me and say you can help us now please ha-ha I said fine and when Hermana Concepcion came back I just kept getting an impression to share a scripture we shared it and I began to talk and like before I could feel the spirt begin to envelope the room and cover us like a blanket and give power to my words to the point that she began to cry and the sisters as well  afterwards there was a pause of silence and she said that she would be baptized and she was this last Sunday that was a miracle and I know it was God that did it Sunday.  

Its interesting that sister Toma is talking about conversion and also you dad. Like it says in Preach my gospel in chapter 4 it is the spirt that brings about conversion not us. We just have to create the environment to invite the spirt to be able to convert the investigator that we have but we also must be converted ourselves. The difference between conversion and just simple knowledge is where it takes place like elder M Russell Ballard once said "true conversion occurs through the spirt. When the spirt comes to the heart, the heart changes. It’s in the heart where the spirt resides!! We just have to transfer this knowledge and testimonies that we have and get it to our hearts it’s a road of about 24 inches and it takes like dad says our FAITH, REPENTANCE, and Consistent OBEDIENCE to be able to walk our own road to Damascus. The gospel of Jesus Christ is not simply a check list of things we do the 5 points right faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, receive the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. No the gospel of Jesus Christ is a way of living and behaving the way we act and think we can always have more faith which gives us the power to act we must always repent every day and make convents to God every morning and at night not just in baptism and in the temple and then try to be worthy and search for the gift of the holy ghost every moment and every day and that will help us to be converted take upon us the name of Jesus Christ not on our foreheads but in our hearts and then we can endure to the end in the covenants we have made and will make. 

And I saw and have seen this type of conversion in my investigators but more in myself.  And the moment that you begin to be converted the better tool you will be for God but we have to make sure that we are always sharpening ourselves so that we are more effective every time like John the Baptist you will find yourself declaring repentance the moment you open your mouth. 

but hah well it looks like also that we have changes and the next time I’ll be I another area again who knows where but not only m e but my companion as well up that’s right they are closing our area!!! So there will only be one group of elders in all of Barcenas pretty crazy.  

But I love you all and I promise you I am going to be working harder than ever before even though I feel more tired hah 
Elder Toma

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Well Surprise!!!! Ha-ha 

It looks like we didn’t  go to the conference at all that’s why I am writing today we got uninvited to the conference ha-ha I don’t know how that happens but our mission didn’t go just a couple of others. 

We found out later why or at least I did through some of the other elders apparently the Seventy told our President that our mission doesn’t need to go because all they will be talking about is how to be obedient and work hard and just kind of give it to them but they said our mission already does all that perfectly so there is no point it was the nicest complement our President said he has gotten. But I wanted to go!! Ha-ha it’s whatever we had more time to work. 

We ended up doing or zone pday yesterday and we went to Antigua again ha-ha but it’s for all of the dead people so they could buy last minute stuff I just ate huge nachos and ice cream that’s about it ha-ha.  
We have seen a lot of miracles though the Elders in my old area found a women that has been going to church for over a year but hadn’t been baptized yet. The sisters found her a while ago but couldn’t keep in contact with her and out of nowhere the Elders found her and began to teach her in her house she hadn’t been baptized because her parents wouldn’t let her but recently her father died and she is now 20 so she felt ready and wanted to do it so we received special permission and I interviewed her and she was baptized ha-ha only 2 days of teaching but she is super smart and it was just her time. 
We have been also working with the members a lot which I just love!!! That’s were I have had most of my success just learning how to help members and getting them to come with us and finding their friends. But please work with the missionaries and give them references you will see miracles don’t be afraid of being rejected or opening your mouth half of you have already done it for 18 to 2 years it’s not any different than it was before!! But through this we will be baptizing a man whose family are members except him and 2 kids whose mom was inactive for 16 years but she has reactivated thanks to some members and we have been visiting her with them and now the kids want to be baptized just pure miracles through mebers and we have found a ton of positive people just through members saying hey come with me to go visit a friend I believe in the saying of President David O McKay ´Every Member is a missionary´ WE just have to believe it to. That the mission doesn’t end you just have to do adapt it in a different way. 

But changes is next week so by the next week will find out what happens to Elder Toma se va o se queda??? Saber ha-ha but it should be awesome I might be baptizing someone at 3 in the morning on change day so that should be interesting 

But I love you all  

Elder Toma