Sunday, February 22, 2015

Vida Loca

Well this week has been incredible.  Sorry but I won’t be able to send pictures.  Something is wrong with my camera. I don’t know if it’s the battery or what but now it won’t turn on even if I charge the battery all the way. So that’s annoying but I’ll try and send some from my companion’s next week. 

 We saw some major miracles this week.  We had a baptism of a young man named Carlos.  He is super pillas was very ready and now he got baptized by yours truly and will be confirmed.  The goal for him is serve a mission; he is already 22 so will just get him already to go. 

It has definitely been crazy.  We are super busy all the time especially because our area is 2 times bigger because they closed the area of the sisters and because of that we have like 50 converts to...that’s crazy. But it’s all good we have seen the miracles and blessings for it we will be privileged to have two more baptisms this week of a man named Marco Tulio and Nicole so please pray for them .And also for Virginia, Luciana, Alfredo, Carlos, Julio, Anderson, Dominic, and Paola and Alejandra that they can all be baptized in the month of March.  We are going to be baptizing like crazy as a zone that month.  The goal is 72 so please pray that the zone can do it. 

Ummm to the fun stuff well I knew that I will be staying for what like 4 months at home after my mission.  Just try and find some work for me to do so that I don’t go crazy.  If people are offering jobs just tell me ha-ha.  And tell the Bishop to give me a calling whatever it is I’m willing.  For schooling ha-ha who knows I will see if there is anybody that will be going to USU.   I have one friend that just got home but we will see what happens my companion is tempting me to go to BYU Idaho ha-ha and its making me think I got a lot more friends that are there but it’s where I need to be not where I want to be. So we’ll see. 

That’s great that Conner won his wrestling matches!! I screamed yes when I read it just keep working super hard buddy. 

But sorry I can’t write anymore I don’t have time more next I promise!!!!!! 

Love you all 

Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

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