Thursday, March 5, 2015

Life up here!

Well everything is good here we have been really really busy lately pretty much we have zero time to be able to work in our own area ha-ha but you have to make some sacrifices to get the blessings right. While I am writing this my companion is smacking his mouse cause it doesn’t work and I accidently shoved the micro  SD card in a slot that wasn’t really the slot.....Ha the things that happen to 2 elders I LOVE THE MISSION!!! 

But everything is great here I am learning a ton about how to not be just a good leader but an incredible one the stake center here is the most organized that I have seen it’s just like a business and the stake President reminds me a lot of President Brough just super powerful and scares you to death ha-ha. But we always are in communication with him and our bishop and always giving them reports  I am learning a lot its great we had a meeting with all the bishops and the stake Presidents and it just opened my eyes a little bit on what bishops do and as well as stake presidents and just watching the stake president just giving it to the bishops was pretty funny to ha-ha me and my companion had to give a presentacion on missionary work and the activates that we are going to be doing as a stake and just trying to help animate the bishops to work with the missionaries because we have the biggest goal yet for amatitlan we want to baptize 72 this month of march and it will be hard because we don’t have as many missionaries as there used to be but we have the faith that we can do it if the wards work with us more than they ever have before. 

We also had a miracle baptism of a man named Marcotulio he is a great guy he makes me life all the time super humble. But I am loving it its really great I just ask that you guys can pray for us that we can complete the goal of 72 baptisms in the month of march and that Luis Carlos can be baptized this week 
But I love you all sorry this is short but I have to try and figure out how to get this stupid SD card out now ha-ha.
Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

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