Sunday, March 15, 2015

Viva Amatitlan!!!!

Dear Family, 

First off MOM what were you doing? You go so hard sometimes!!! Ha-ha it did make me laugh though you should send photos.  (FYI:  Jennifer broke her foot playing volleyball)
This is how we move things in Guatemala!

This week has been very very busy!! We had to go house hunting which is the worst!!! Because they are putting two more companionships into our zone I am not looking forward to that in the future ha-ha. We did crazy division we had to take all of the furniture of the sisters because they closed there area that was a pain!! IT took us 5 hours to do it!!!  It was crazy we also had to help the sisters trainers clean a little mess that another sister did I won’t go into detail about that one ill just send a photo and you’ll know ha-ha it was great!!  But we are hoping to baptize 3 people this week so please pray for Lorena Abigale and Alberto but I don’t have enough time to keep writing all have to say the rest  the next week but I love you al me and my companion have changes he is leaving and who knows what he is going to be doing but I love that guy he is definitely one of the best companions  I have had and my best friend but the Lord calls us where we need to go and do and that’s how it is we just need to always be available to him . 

Elder Toma 
Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

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