Monday, March 23, 2015

The crazy life!

Dear family well first of sorry it took so long to write we have had a crazy week!!we had changes but we did it Tuesday that’s why we  didn’t write and my companion Elder Johnson left he became the assistant it was sad we didn’t want to split up we had a good thing going but I’ll see him later ha-ha it’s a good thing he is from Idaho ha-ha.

Elder Johnson and Elder Toma
But yeah ha-ha I know Elder Sorenson really well and we talked about it this week and took a picture I’ll send it when he gives it to me small world huh. (Devin:  I ran into my old second counselor in my bishopric out in Salt Lake, Scott Sorenson.  When we compared notes, we realized both of our sons are in the same mission!  Elder Sorenson is the current AP)

But the mission is changing a lot it is now 70 percent newbies when I entered it was 70 percent oldies ha-ha but it just is an opportunity to help this young missionaries because the best they can be and be true representatives of Jesus Christ. My new companion is named Elder Guzman he is from Nicaragua and he only has 10 months ha-ha that’s a big difference from going form someone with the same time as you to that one is he has a lot more energy ha-ha but he is a really good Elder and we are already loving it being together.

Elder Toma and Elder Guzman
 But this Wednesday we had the privilege of listening to Elder Neil Anderson of the twelve and I got to say hi to him and shake his hand it was cool. 
But it was a great talk he gave about helping the people of Guatemala except the atonement in their lives because we are the only ones that have it and we need to give it after we first have exercised it every day in our lives. That true repentance will involve suffering a little bit if not you aren’t really repenting because it follows a change of person or heart more than habit. 

But we are doing good hear we had 3 baptisms fall through that’s always fun one we found drunk from drinking rubbing alcohol the other smoked and the other on her baptism day had lady problems. What luck but she is going to get baptized tomorrow the one that smoked will be for the 29 and the one that drank we need to still talk to him we have been very busy!!! 

But please pray for Lorena Abigail and Alberto as well as Alejandra and Virginia and Luciana that they can be baptized this month and as a zone we can complete the goal of 72 baptisms in the month of March because right now we only have 8 and it is stressing me out because the zone has never had less than 22 so please pray!!!  

But I love you all thank you for everything you do 

Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

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