Thursday, January 2, 2014

December 30, 2013 Elder Toma's First Christmas in Guatemala

Dear Family, 

Man do I miss Asian food and so many others things.  When I get home I will have a list of things I want as soon as I get off the plane. 

But for Christmas this year we spent it with some families and did a Christmas activity and ate tamales and punch.  Punch is like a fruit drink that has all kinds of fruit in it and they put cinnamon in it and drink it hot or cold.  It's pretty good and then Christmas morning we went into the next town to eat lunch with our district at a senior companion's home.  We had turkey and stuffing and everything I dream off every night including, yes. . . home made pumpkin pie!! It was amazing. But then after we ate we just relaxed and then at 5 we worked.


This is a tamale and this is when a little hispano baby has brownies for the first time in his life (he is a member's kid)

It felt weird talking with you all [on Christmas day] and I noticed that it's getting hard to express myself in English which I guess is a good thing. I heard the voice message thing.  Connor sounds so different, it's weird.

But this week we should be having two baptisms and for this month maybe over 10 so please pray for us because some of them are struggling right now and Satan is being the guy he is and playing hard so were trying to fight it. But we have faith that it will pull through.  My companion said these two baptisms will be the hardest and craziest ones he has ever had so we're hoping.

[Pictures] Some Christmas piñatas and some of the family we eat with every lunch and helping them peel corn for tortillas

Love Elder Toma  

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