Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 7, 2014

January 7, 2014
Hola Familia! 

Well this week was a bit interesting now; our baptism didn't go through. We had some problems with them so now we just need to love them and work harder.  We do have a couple that we are trying to get married so we can baptize them.  They're like in their 70's.  Other than that nothing else really happened. 
It's really hot here now.   It's their summer time here so we don't have much rain, just sun. 

It's crazy that my training will be done in like 2 weeks. I don't feel like I'm in training right now.  But I hope I don't get transferred just yet ha ha because we have a lot of baptisms that are coming up, specifically the family of my first baptism, Douglas. 
 Wow! Kinzie going to Germany -- that really through me off for sure.   I thought she would go state-side. But the truth is missions aren't easy and I haven't said anything about the hard stuff that has happened (nether will I)  or any of the crazy or scary things so mom won't have a heart attack.   But I  know we have the hard times because the Lord wants us to learn and I know that it is through him that all things are made possible.   When we do all that we can and try to be perfect and exact in all things and work the hardest you can the Lord is obligated to help us and bless us.  Always have that faith and hope that it will be ok and it will get better.   There is always end to the tunnel, that I can definitely testify to.  It seems hard at the time but you look back and you wonder why it seemed not as bad as you thought or felt at that time.   Interesting huh. This mission is crazy though and I love it and the people are crazy too haha  but I love them as well. And if you really want to  help someone you got to understand them and right now I'm trying to become one of them 100% Chapin, which is a nickname for Guatemalan!

 Elder Toma 

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