Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 14, 2014

Dear Family, 

This week has been really fun and good We are going to be having two baptisms this week; two girls that I have been working with for awhile.  You might reamer one of them, Karen and the other is her sister, Anai.  So that was a blessing that this is actually going to happen.  I am really excited and happy for them.

It's weird that training for me ends next week and who knows if I will stay or go but I'm positive that something is going to happen.  Two gringos don't last long together here. I think my days are numbered here in Santa Barbara. Changes are this Tuesday.  We will be having a conference next week as well where Elder Quentin L. Cook will be coming to talk with us so I'm excited for that. And because things are going to be crazy I won't be emailing until Thursday of next week. 

So for this week we just worked hard, got two baptismal dates and the one from last week and marrying a old couple next week and baptizing them (IF I'm here).  I don't remember if I said but that one fell through so will see what we do with him and his mom.  The mom has issues and he has to go to school every Sunday because it's cheaper so we will see what we do with him. 

But for P-Day we went to Panajachel!! It was awesome.  That is where the Lake Atitlan is and what they believe is the waters of Mormon.  It was really cold there because it's in the mountains and it's surrounded by volcanoes and is a big tourist attraction so a lot of gringos live there.  It was weird seeing them and funny because most gringos that live outside of the states are kind of weird. But I pretty much bought everyone there souvenirs.  Now I just have to hold on to everything for two years haha, and the rest is for me now. 
But it was really fun doing that and seeing that.  It is my goal to return here very soon after my mission with the rest of the family of course. 

What is going on with everyone in the family?  

The language is coming really well little by little every day.  My testimony just grows everyday too.  But yeah it's weird that I will have a new mission president this year.  I don't really want a new one; I really, really like the one I have now.  

Elder Toma

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