Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 29, 2014 David of Santa Barbara

Dear family,

For this week we did a lot of cleaning!  We definitely needed it. It can get really gross when you have two missionaries living together ha ha.
Elder Toma in Santa Barbara
We had our confirmations this week and it was a really good experience.  The girl I baptized said she felt really funny and can't describe the feeling she had and that just put a smile to my face. We have been working hard with some of our investigators and we have the potential during the next six weeks to baptize a lot here in Santa Barbara. I've have gotten the nickname of David of Santa Barbara because they haven't had  a baptism for 4 months here until I came which is ridiculous here so we are just taking on the impossible and watching miracles here.

We have been traveling a lot this week throughout Santa Barbara.  It's huge out here! I haven't been to even half of it. But it is so beautiful here also it's like half coast and half mountains.  It's really cool.

We found a man that was very very sick and the family doesn't know what to do for him.  None of the doctors know what is wrong so we gave him a blessing. I really like when we go out and do stuff like that. There are a lot of things that are like that here where people just have a lot of problems and you just can't do anything about it. 

This is what we drive in a lot they are called TUK TUKS 
Wow it is so weird to me that it is so cold there at home because here it's crazy hot! I eat stuff and just walk it all off. . . and sweat it all off.  Today we are going to be having iguana yummy! I have lost a lot of weight.  Everyone tells me.  I found out I weigh 170 pounds now.

It's really good with my new companion.  He is a little more serious but he is also funny and I'm enjoying it with him.  We hit it off really fast. Douglas [my previous baptism] is doing good.  He blessed the sacrament 2 weeks ago and we are now working with his family to try and baptize them.

Next week we should be having a wedding so wish us luck!!! Hope everything is good at home.

Love Elder Toma 

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