Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 4, 2014 Not ready or prepared?!

Dear Family,

Fresh sugar cane
So for this week we should be having our investigators'  wedding yeah !!   The man that we will be getting married and baptized is a little nervous.   The culture is silly; men never want to get married because they think it is bad, but they can't come up with any reasons why.   They just think that way.   When I was talking to him he was saying how it is moving really fast and he is not prepared.   I just smiled and said you have been with your wife since you were 23 and your  75!   How are you not ready or prepared?!   

We have had been having frustrating times.  I've learned a lot from this week.    There is no such thing as an easy baptism that's for sure.   I have also learned that I need to be more patient and love my investigators more and just try to help them and remember that it is the Lord's time not ours.

Elder Toma and Elder Viellos
My companion is great he is from Ecuador and he loves rice just like me!  So we eat lots of rice together haha.   He was the companion of my last companion when they were zone leaders together until they both came to me.   It's interesting,  I need to ask my  President why he did that.

 It's  crazy that it is snowing so much in VA.   it's just hot here!  I had a interesting interview with my president and we talked about  many things that make me have to think a lot.

Braden driving?  What next?   It's  great that Conner made the wrestling team.   I'm really proud of him especially because it's hard for 6th graders.   That's crazy Conner is changing so much and getting tall he will lose a lot of weight from the wrestling.

Drinking from fresh coconut
But for this week we ate some pretty interesting stuff... I ate chicken heart and the foot of a chicken and Iguana haha, so we're having fun here.  I don't suggest you try the chicken heart though it's not as bad as that baby octopus I ate with Braden but it definitely wasn't great. They eat everything here!  We also had coconuts straight from the tree  with the people that cook for us and they taught me how to cook certain dishes that I like.   

I think today I will be doing more.   Hopefully we will be having some baptisms here.  We started having church at 9 in the morning and also 7 at night because everybody has to work especially right now because all the men are out cutting and burning sugar cane.  The harvest season last for 2 months  and it falls like ash here.  But everything is great and  I just try to work my hardest and improve because I definitetly need to.

Love Elder Toma  

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