Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 25, 2014 "Trying to help them progress"

Dear family ,

This week has been good.  Our baptism went through, or at least one of them!  I forgot my camera, so I will have to upload it next week.

This change has gone by so fast.  I'm worried every change will go by faster and faster. I just feel there is no time for anything anymore! This week we have just been focusing on helping out our Rama (branch) and trying to get them to progress and become strong as a Rama. It definitely has changed since I got there. I think that shows if you are a good missionary or not.  Not the baptisms, but if you leave the area you were in better then when you arrived and have it set up for missionaries that come in to have as much success as possible. But you are right mom I have gotten very attached to the people here in Santa Barbara and there's a lot of them I don't want to have to say good bye to and a lot have expressed the same thing to me which just makes it worse.  I have learned a lot in my first area and I am going to miss it when I have to leave.

That's cool that dad is taking Braden and [others] and that you are all visiting Kirtland [for EFY] and all those places. It's a privilege to be going to those special places. People here only see them in pictures and movies and at times don't  realize that they are real and I explain that I have been there and that those places and the history is real. And it's really interesting I was just reading in the "Our History" about Kirtland and the temple and just the history of the Church during that time period I definitely want to when I come back read more in detail the life and writing of the Prophet of Joseph Smith.  There is a lot of things that I don't know that have been written and many prophecies and doctrine that Joseph wrote.

But for this last week  before changes we are going to be working hard and hoping for miracles and hopefully have some baptisms that I have been hoping for for a while

Con Amor,

Elder Toma

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