Saturday, March 15, 2014

I'm transferring. Saying goodbye is hard! March 4, 2014

Dear Family ,

Well I have announcement. . . . I am being transferred tomorrow! It has been a pretty sad week. We were so close to baptizing a family that I have been working with forever and became very close to.  Literally a day away but they got sick and now I have to leave! But the important thing is that they get baptized which I know they will. It has been very hard to accept that I am leaving Santa Barbara.  It's where I began and have definitely changed the most,  probably the most in my entire life. Having to say goodbye to my investigators and my converts and the members of the ward I have come close to will be hard.  Some of them are like my family.

 But I know that it is part of the mission and that I have more to learn and more people to help elsewhere. Santa Barbara will always be special to me for a lot of reasons. My last companion Elder Vallejos became very close and he ends his mission this next change coming up.  I have been blessed with amazing companions that all know what they are doing. Me and Elder Vallejos have so many people that are all ready to go and just have to wait for their date to be baptized and he gets to harvest it all with someone else!! Haha but it's fine just as long as the ward is progressing and the area is moving forward I am happy.

 I'm not looking forward to having to tell people I'm leaving (I've waited till last minute) because I just don't want to say it.  But I am definitely am  going to get all their contact information the problem here is not to many people have anything like emails or facebook so it can be hard and sending things to them is almost impossible so this should be interesting.

The rainy season has begun again and its already storming like crazy and everyone says that this is nothing wow .

It's also staring to get get hot here again hopefully I get sent to the mountains where its nice and cool.
Next week ill tell you were I am at and who i am with love you all!!

Elder Toma

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