Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My new area: It is so blessed!

Dear Family,

The work out here is just insane.  I almost can't keep up with it.   It's just a big blessing to me and my companion.  We had two baptism already last week,  and this week we will have four more, maybe more.  There is a lot more to come.  Right now this area is just blessed.   We are setting

 dates with everyone we meet.   It's just crazy haha.   The ward out here is a lot bigger then my first and there are a lot of good members  that we go out with and try to use to help us.  I don't know anything about a volcanoes out here. 
I haven't seen anything but there is a crazy path that we have to take with a sketchy bridge and ladder that I need to take a picture of.

Thanks for the pictures I gave out a lot of my pictures because everyone from my last area wanted one.  My new companion is good.  He is a lot different from my other companions.   All of my other companions where seasoned and ready to go home or have been  Zone leaders at some time in their mission.   My new companion is  a lot more passive and doesn't  know as much as my old companions but  that's fine by me because during my time with him I realized that those three have trained me right up to be able to do everything I need to do and I try to let him be the leader more than me.  I try not to  correct him or tell him what might be a better way because he is the senior companion,  but I do try to help him.  Right now Elders don't move up to senior  very fast because there are  not a lot of us.  Before, like a year ago you would become a senior companion in 5 months or less.  Now it's more like 7 or 8 maybe a year just depends.
We met a incredible family.  My companion has the gift of being able to know where to go and who to talk to and what door to knock on.    We knocked on this random door for no reason and here comes a family and they reluctantly let us in.    We began teaching them the first lesson on the Restoration.  The husband comes in a little later and he sits down and listens.    By the end of it I felt that I needed to ask the mother how she  was feeling about our message and she just began to weep and weep and she explains to us that before we came she was yelling at her daughter and saying bad words and saying that God doesn't answer prayers.  She continued to explain that she  has been praying for answers in her life and for God to help her and right before we came she asked from help from God,   Two minutes later we knocked on the door and she knew before we said anything that He answered her prayers for help.   For a  long time she hasn't believed that God answers prayers or was willing to help her.  I mentioned before that  she was yelling and saying bad things to her daughter just before we came.  At this point both her and her daughters were crying.   She explained to us that for a long time her pastors weren't helping her with her problems or giving her answers that she needed and that she felt that something was missing.  She told us that  our message answered everything for her, and that it was what she needed and had  asked for.   She knew  that  we were sent by God and that we were her to help her and her family.  She told us how her husband drinks and is a mess.   We asked him to pray and during his prayer he began to cry and ask for forgiveness and to be better.   It was a day of  miracles.  The next visit we asked if they would prayed to know that our message  was true and the mother said that she already knew it was true, and the same with the father and the daughters and the son.   So they all have dates to be baptized.   I have a testimony that  first God will guide you to people that are ready to hear the message and second, He really does tell you what to say and your mouth really is filled with words and it is just incredible to look back and to realize it.

Love you all,

Elder Toma

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