Tuesday, June 24, 2014

You're a good missionary. . .

Well family this week has been quite busy!

First we had our P-day with the Zone and we went to Antigua!! Too bad I have been there like 4 times, but it was fun.  We ate the biggest amount of nachos in my life!! Was delicious! We also met up with some people that I know there and also my companion and hung out with them for a little bit. People are crazy here for the World Cup.  It's all they ever want to watch!!

We then had our very last conference with President Brough.  Just about everyone was crying, especially the sisters and President and Sister Brough. We watched a big slide show that showed all of the photos of the three years that they served here with all of the missionaries and then later we ate really good food (Which will probably be the last since who knows if the new president will do that).  That made me sad. They then shared a little bit of how they met which was an awesome story. And then we said our final goodbyes to President and Sister Brough.

He always seems to know what I need to hear.  He told me, "Elder Toma,  you are a great missionary and you have many great attributes in you and one of them is that you don't ever give up, even when everything seems impossible and too hard.  You just keep going. And I know it has been difficult having to be a junior companion and helping your companions be better leaders and helping them with the same problem to be more diligent.  The truth is, I have been taking advantage of that and you but more importantly the Lord has been taking advantage of that and don't worry, you will get there someday (to be a leader).  You're a good missionary. I love you and please keep in contact with us."

And that's what he said to me and that helped me out quite a bit for different reasons.

We also had a baptism this week!!! And his name is Luis De Paz and we are hoping to have a wedding this week and five more to finish off this change. So please pray that they can make it.

It is crazy that Kinzie is in the same exact town that our family came from.  I hope she is doing alright.  Those first four months are brutal.  I was just talking to my trainer about it.  It's crazy that he is going to finish in 3 more changes.  Time is to fast!
Me teaching English!! Its really fun and pretty funny to listen to these kids try and talk in English but they are getting there!

Oh the Love I have for my companion!! 
I haven't met the new mission president.  We will meet him in changes which is in like 2 weeks, but Pres. Brough is leaving this Thursday!! So the assistants have to run the mission while he is away which is just craziness. But everything is just dandy right now.  It's crazy how much stuff is changing.  It's very weird.

I love you all.  The church is true. I know it! I have studied and prayed about it and there is no question about it.


 Elder Toma

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