Saturday, June 21, 2014

There is nothing better than the mission!

Dear Famiy,

Everything is good here. It's weird how fast everything is going.  Every change is faster and faster.  It's a little scary.  It makes me feel like there is no time for anything. But today I am writing on Tuesday because tomorrow we are going to be going to Antigua as a zone. But last week has been good we had a confirmation and this week we will be having another baptism.  Hopefully the whole district will be having a baptism and then next week we have EVEN more.  I have been really enjoying this area there is a lot of potential and the members are pillas pillas!! 

But to answer your questions one of my weaknesses is to give it my all no matter what.  Be OBEDIENT ALWAYS DO ALL THAT I CAN DO SHOULD DO AND HAVE DONE which is something that I read in the letter that dad sent to me about the apostle which I carry with me always to remind me. I think my problem has been if I see people slack a little especially leaders it gives me an excuse to do it a little bit as well. But I have been learning ALOT to have a eye single to God and what other people do isn't important and so little by little it is becoming my strength and I see it with the recent companions my president has given me. One thing I like about my new companion is that we clicked right away he likes everything that I like and we just have a lot in common and I think he is one of my favorite companions yet.  He told me I was his. We just like to have fun together. Because sometimes you just get those really boring and serious companions sometimes.  So it's nice when you get that companion that you just can have fun with.

Hmmm one of the funniest things that have happened to me on my mission is one time I tried to contact a guy and he totally sprayed water in my face and said AWAY WITH you Satan haha and also one time I was with one of my district leaders on exchanges and these crazy dogs were chasing some guys and I tried to scare them away by pretending to throw rocks at them and then they started to chase me and I screamed in Spanish to run haha and I would hit them with my backpack it was crazy.

One of my strengths that has been growing is to be loyal and obey the rules and work hard but more then that I can get the love and trust of my investigators really fast and I guess people tell me that I have a gift for teaching but I think it's more of the spirit and love that I have for them than how I teach.  Okay there are two foods that I really like here in Guatemala which are Chile Reinos and Platanao Reinos but I like a lot of food here and I have learned how to make just about all of it.

And I don't know if my shoes have arrived yet I think I will get them this Wednesday because we are going to have our last Zone conference with President Brough before President Markham comes. 
It has also been really frustrating this week because everyone is watching the World Cup so everyone is in there dang houses so it's almost impossible to contact and nobody wants to talk right now because there all watching the television!! 

Its weird that we are going to be having changes in two weeks I don't know if we are going to be having changes or not since me and my companion are both new in this area. And especially since the new President is coming this change so who knows.  It's going to be very different here in the mission especially because all of the leaders are leaving especially this summer so there is going to be more changes in the leadership.  But I love you all.  There is nothing better than the mission and not a better opportunity to become more like God wants you to be and that is what I have been learning more and more everyday

Elder Toma

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