Thursday, June 12, 2014

You're just always happy. . .

June 10, 2014

Well everything here is really good.  We are finding a ton of people here and already have two golden familas that we are going to baptize this change. It's been basically raining everyday all day haha. And my other black shoes died. But I bought some shoes in a store and they are pretty nice shoes they only cost me 100 quets! Hah that's like 12 dollars. 

Sounds like Kinzie is doing well 

Guatemala City Central
New Mission President
Me and my companion are having a blast in this area.  The members are all pillas and love to help the Elders and almost all of our investigators are references. This last pday we went to some converts houses and cooked some food.  It was delicious of course. Oh could you send me some recipes of the food from home and the instructions of how to do it.  I forgot haha. But then later we played some fubol (Still don't like soccer that much).

We will be meeting the new president the 2 of June so that will be interesting.  Today we had a meeting as a zone and President has been a little worried that people aren't going to follow the rules because of the new president and he has made it clear that we can't change anything until the new president says so and also that we shouldn't be loyal and say that we are missionaries of President Brough but of the Lord and that we need to have the same loyalty to the new president. I have been reading a lot of the General Conference talks from like 2011 and other years and wow there is a lot of things you can take out of them no matter what year.  I read one from 1990´s in Spanish and I still learned a ton of stuff. And how that it's like the Book of Mormon and the Bible it will always relate to you because it's the words of God.
It feels harder to write.  I don't know why the mission is just weird.  I don't know how to even explain it it's like its own world and you're just always happy even when things are horrible.. it's just weird haha.

But love you all have a good week.  Start asking me questions because it's getting harder to write haha


Elder Toma

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