Thursday, June 5, 2014

We're just having a good ole time here!

Dear Family,

Well everything is just craziness in the mission.  I had changes like all of you know and now I am in the city still in the zone Villa Nueva and my area is called El Carmen. My companion is another Elder Gonzalez but this one is from the Dominican Republic and we hit it off right away. This change is going to be crazy!! Me and my companion pretty much opened up a area together. He has only been in the area for one more week than me because president doesn't want to close the area so we know absoulutely nothing here but the members here are really really good and there is a lot of potential here.  We had a baptism already haha.

What's even crazier is my trainer Elder Osegera is the new assistant and he is in the same ward as me with all of the other Elders from the office so I got a little bit of contacts now haha. We're just having good old time here.  It was sad saying bye but I'm not that far from Barcenes so it's not as bad.

It's weird that Conner is now a deacon.  What's happening!!

I think Satan has really been messing with me on making me feel that I am not a good missionary or that I am not doing things right and really using what my President said against me. But I talked about it with my companion a lot and what you wrote me Dad helped a ton and everything is good now.

I just found that when you have a eye single to the glory of God everything will be aright and you will find  yourself trying to do all that you can do and just trying to be diligent and obedient.  It really stretches you because you will try to be great at everything.

How did you work mom and dad in your mission?  Were you the types to just run around everywhere and just physically work or were you more willing to work with the people more than just numbers?  

Also our ward mission leader is pretty funny.  I'll tell you more about him later haha. but I hope everything is good at home. Oh  and I haven't received the second package yet just the first but I got some shoes in a place that's like a second hand store haha so right now I am good

Love you all Elder Toma

Also its raining EVERYDAY NOW.  I'm expecting to see a huge ARK with animals in it.  It's raining that hard!! The streets are literally rivers everyday haha

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