Sunday, August 30, 2015

Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goals

Dear Family, 

Well it is come to the end here huh it still really hasn’t hit me and I have no idea what to expect so don’t even ask me ha-ha. I had my last interview with President Markham it was really good and crazy at the same time I’ll have to tell you all about it. 
 But we had a baptism yaya!!! His name is Nestor he is part of a family that has been receiving the missionaries for like almost a year and they are finally starting to come to church with us!! And we are hoping to baptize his sister as well her name is Betsy so please pray for us we are seeing some miracles here in el frutal please pray that we will baptism all of the investigators we have we need at least 9 to complete or goal and we have exactly 9 people that are going to get baptized so please pray for the zone that we can do it. 

Well it looks like Elder Nelson won’t be coming after all it turned out that it is really dangerous her during elections so we will be seeing him through satellite this Friday not as good but good enough. 

This change has been crazy we have pretty much have not worked in our area the whole time it has been a little frustrating but we have seen the miracles in completing our assignments as leaders a couple of missionaries got robbed somebody broke into the house and stole just about everything so we had to rush over there and help them out and find a new house for them and we did it all in less than an hour we are professionals in house moving (but I hate house hunting). Also something crazy that happened is one of the converts of the sisters went crazy and just started doing the weirdest stuff like stalking them sending weird letters and banging on their door and throwing rocks at their window it got to the point that the sisters were scared and annoyed and on day he got up on the roof of the sisters house and that when I had enough so we went to go looking for him and we had a long talk and we took care of the problem but seriously the things that happen to the sisters is endless. 

But I love you all and my last letter will be good I promise. 

Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hit the ground running

Dear Family, 
Well this week has been like it says on the title hitting the ground running we have in the zone right now 22 baptisms lined up. Which is fantastic it never has happened before here in this stake so we are super stoked and excited and grateful me and my companion have at least 2 baptisms for this week and we are going to try and go for more the next week and the zone as well. So lease pray for us and the zone that all of these baptism will come through!!

This week has been a little crazy we went to one of our areas to do a secret mission with the assistants ha-ha it was interesting. We also had our pday as a zone which was pretty fun we went to a place that the church has bought so that they can do efys and campouts and oall that it was pretty cool but one of the sisters fell of a obstacle course and hurt her leg which ended up being five missionaries carrying here with stick between here legs in a mountain for like 30 minutes. There never is a zone pday that something doesn’t happen. 

President Nelson comes next week and I hope we get to shake his hand with the other two apostles we did it so we will see what happens I’m excited!  
it still hasn’t hit me that I am going home even though I have seen my air plane ticket (that about got me ha-ha) but I really am not that homesick I haven’t been my whole mission I don’t have time to be homesick ha-ha. But it made me realize I have no Idea what I am going to do when I get home but it doesn’t really matter right now have you heard what track I got right now????

Thank you all for the letters you have written me they mean a lot especially to motivate to finish hard. 

I love you all see you next week. 

Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Como le explico

Dear family, thanks for sending the pictures that was fun to see how everybody is and what you have been up to. You all look different to me.  I wonder  how much I will think everything has changed when I get back. I don't feel any different haha. 

Sorry if this letter is really short but I didn't use my time wisely.  I looked at the photos for a good while and only have 3 more minutes to write! But me and my companion are doing good. I'm trying to figure out why is it that I am here.  Why did I have to stay in el frutal?  But I'll tell you about it maybe next week and I promise I will make sure that I will write everything first.  

But I love you all thank you for your support and encouragement.  It helps  me a lot more you think!.,

Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

Note:  Elder Toma will return home on September 3. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Que la vaya bien!

Como estamos mi familia!? 

Sometimes I forget that I can speak in Spanish I see Spanish and English as the same language now almost ha-ha. I have planes though from having to learn 2 languages in my mission I’ve discovered that I like learning languages so I have goal to learn a couple of more I noticed from all of the general authorities I have met and the apostles they all can speak other languages which to me is incredible so I want to learn more and one of them is Japanese. I don’t know if I told you guys but President Nelson will be coming to visit our mission it has everybody in Guatemala going crazy especially my president because apparently this doesn’t ever happen so everybody is wondering what he is going to do with us. So when we had our council of their leaders of the mission on of the missionaries asked what should we do to prepare for elder nelson and our president just said repent! Ha-ha I got lucky though usually you only get to see two apostles maybe only one in your whole mission. But I have a question did Elder Nelson seal grandma and grandpa or was just there? 

 But me and my companion are doing good we are hoping to baptize in these weeks that are coming it’s been tough just because we haven’t been working in  our area at all because of just somethings we have been doing lately. So please pray for us that we can have some miracles and start baptizing.

 This week we played tennis that was pretty fun on of the converts we had was a champion for Guatemala and was going to start playing internationally but something told him not to do it and now he is a member but he is pretty good at tennis he showed me a couple of tricks do you even play anymore mom? 

 We have had some crazy stuff happen to us me and my companion I don’t know if we are stupid or something but we have hit our heads like 7 times this week on just about everything my companion also tripped on the floor and fell because we were running I almost fell into a ditch and a car because the door opened while we were driving that was crazy ha-ha I would just joke with my companion that Satan really wants us ha-ha. 

 I am about to do division with a group of missionaries in an area that is called the los Dolores which literally means the pains ha-ha but the area is really god and has a lot of potential so I’ll be going there to see how these elders are doing. 

But I will see you next week and the photos??? When you going to send those? 

but I love you all nos vemos mas ahí 


Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

Going strong to the end

Dear family, 

It sounds like you are all having a good time just one question do you know a Erick Cabrera I don’t know if its my memory but I don’t remember anything ha-ha. 

But these weeks have been crazy it’s been a little frustrating because we haven’t had any time to work in our own area just ben traveling the whole time to help out other missionaries. Me and my companion got a call at 830 from a couple of elders that had to people that wanted to get baptized but the problem is that they live 3 hours away from us. But they wanted to get baptized the next day in them morning so we called a couple of members ended up in the back of a pick-up truck traveling at 9 at night and getting there at about 11 ha-ha. the same week we ended up going back and got stranded there because there was no buses so we called the same friend member and he took us to our house at 8 at night and got there almost at 10 hah we have slept on the floor on beds made out of wood and in chairs but it’s all good lots of adventures. 

It’s been a little tough we haven’t baptized anybody for a month now it’s not that we don’t have the people it’s that we are never there to be able to teach!!! We keep finding people that are super positive but we never ended up visiting them to seal the deal but we are going to find away me and my companion have put a lot of commitments and are trying to plan out everything better. 

I don’t know how to describe how it is to finish a mission it’s hard for me to think that it will all ended I feel that I still have more time but I have to tell myself that this it and I have been focusing on being able to do all that I can with the time so short I almost only have a month left and that is nothing in mission time ha-ha lots of things to finish and no time. 

But I love you all keep having a good time. 

Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission