Sunday, August 9, 2015

Que la vaya bien!

Como estamos mi familia!? 

Sometimes I forget that I can speak in Spanish I see Spanish and English as the same language now almost ha-ha. I have planes though from having to learn 2 languages in my mission I’ve discovered that I like learning languages so I have goal to learn a couple of more I noticed from all of the general authorities I have met and the apostles they all can speak other languages which to me is incredible so I want to learn more and one of them is Japanese. I don’t know if I told you guys but President Nelson will be coming to visit our mission it has everybody in Guatemala going crazy especially my president because apparently this doesn’t ever happen so everybody is wondering what he is going to do with us. So when we had our council of their leaders of the mission on of the missionaries asked what should we do to prepare for elder nelson and our president just said repent! Ha-ha I got lucky though usually you only get to see two apostles maybe only one in your whole mission. But I have a question did Elder Nelson seal grandma and grandpa or was just there? 

 But me and my companion are doing good we are hoping to baptize in these weeks that are coming it’s been tough just because we haven’t been working in  our area at all because of just somethings we have been doing lately. So please pray for us that we can have some miracles and start baptizing.

 This week we played tennis that was pretty fun on of the converts we had was a champion for Guatemala and was going to start playing internationally but something told him not to do it and now he is a member but he is pretty good at tennis he showed me a couple of tricks do you even play anymore mom? 

 We have had some crazy stuff happen to us me and my companion I don’t know if we are stupid or something but we have hit our heads like 7 times this week on just about everything my companion also tripped on the floor and fell because we were running I almost fell into a ditch and a car because the door opened while we were driving that was crazy ha-ha I would just joke with my companion that Satan really wants us ha-ha. 

 I am about to do division with a group of missionaries in an area that is called the los Dolores which literally means the pains ha-ha but the area is really god and has a lot of potential so I’ll be going there to see how these elders are doing. 

But I will see you next week and the photos??? When you going to send those? 

but I love you all nos vemos mas ahí 


Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

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