Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hunter's Second Area: Barcenas

Dear Family,

So last time I said that I had changes (transfers)

. . . Well I am now in the Capital of Guatemala in a place called Barcenas in the Zone Villa Nueva and it is DIFFERENT! There's actual civilization here! kind of. . . well at least a Mcdonalds and Walmart. But I am now part of a ward that's a lot different.  There are a ton more members and it just feels more organized and actual work is getting done. It's really cold here or at least compared to the coast.  haha but with that there is a ton more insects and you don't want to know how it is where we live.  haha that's all Ill say about it. But I also have a new companion named Elder Gonzalez he is from Honduras so my second Hondurano.

But I have learned a lot about the difference in the companions I have had.  My first three were or are Zone leaders.  Two out of the three have either left or are about to leave this next change. And just how much I have learned from them and how much it has prepared me to just go and hit the ground running with out too much hardship in trying to figure things out because they showed me the answers or the ways. So I am just grateful that I could have those companions when I just began and all the different things I learned from each one.

Well  hopefully already we will be having three baptism here in Barcenas and a lot more to come if we are blessed which I hope so.  I have seen the miracles in my life and that God has blessed me, why at times I don't know. 

But I have to leave don't have more time to write.  Love you all!

Elder Toma

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