Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Missions teach you what you need to learn

Buenas Familia!!!!!!! 

Everything here is going very well.   My companion  and I are just going all over the place.  We have become so busy.   It can be a little frustrating, with what little time we have in the day!   We have been blessed with more baptisms which were complete miracles.   We  will be having 4 more this Sunday as well.   I have found how much the Holy Ghost and the Lord really do guide you in what you say and how you teach !  They also guide you in what you are supposed to do for your investigators as well.   One of our investigators that was baptized  last week we had to really fight for.   He just kept saying that he wasn't sure.   He is 14 years old and the  lessons that we had with him were just incredible and completely guided by the Spirit.  I could  see in his eyes that we were answering things about him that he knew we didn't know and because of that and praying he was baptized.

The people here are nice and if you really want to know how it is here with the living conditions we actually  live in a nice gated community but.....our house is okay.   There are  more cockroaches then you could ever imagine even AFTER CLEANING TWICE.   There was a flood or in the house next to us.   It ended up leaking into our house so everything got wet.   It was fun waking up to that.   It is weird that I have been out for 6 months now..  Spanish doesn't even phase me anymore.   It's really weird when I teach everything is like one big blur of events haha.

I can't believe that Kinze is about to leave for Germany. 

Baptisms aren't the most important thing [on a mission].   It's what you get out of it that really counts.    It reminds me of the story with Ammon and Aaron.   Ammon had a ton of success and Aaron was getting beat up whipped and naked in a dungeon and yet they were both incredible missionaries.  Missions are very individual.  They teach us what we need to learn. 

Love you all!!

Elder Toma

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