Sunday, March 29, 2015

Les Amo!!! (I love you!)

Dear Family, 
Well this week has been an interesting one.  I have learned a lot about being in this zone and about how to really be a leader.   The truth is right now as a Stake we are having problems and it is affecting the work right now.  Satan knows what our potential is and so we are just going to be fighting back.   I have seen so much now in my mission on how the Lord will take us and lift us up and make us more and do things that we thought were never possible.  When people ask how did you do it?   You only say I have no idea haha..  I have been seeing that a lot now in the way my companion and I are trying to lift up this zone.   We are working hard with them to pick themselves up and getting them going again and we received serious inspiration on how to work with the members as well.    The ward and the Stake Presidents are really pleased with what it happening.   We already are going to have 10 baptism this week we need more but we are going to carry it with us and get moving so that for April we just kill it!!!! 
 I have learned that there are two creators in this world, God and you.   He has given us the ability to be able to think act and behave on our own.  With the ability to create we can create our own success, we can create our own happiness or misery.   God can amplify it.   He can make it more.  That is why in the scriptures it always puts full in front of everything, full joy, full happiness.   He can make us become complete if we let Him, through our willingness and availability.  I always tried to make myself available to the Lord because he and the Father love everyone but they don’t trust everyone.  Trust is the thing that makes all of the difference because it’s the ones that they trust that will receive everything.   We can have a child but we don’t always trust them.  What the  Lord wants us to be is a friend because it’s the friend that will receive, it’s the friend that really know the another and it’s the friend that we trust.   If we don’t trust them then they really not our friend right?   And that’s what I strive to not only trust in God but for Him to be able to trusts in me, so I can be called His friend. 
I love you all.  See you next week.   Oh we also had a miracle baptism and we will have two more I will send the photos next week when I have time!!!!

Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

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