Sunday, April 12, 2015

April is Coming

Dear Family, 

This has been a stress packed week we had 10 dates as a zone for baptisms but all excepts 4 fell that was hard we ended up getting the lowest amount of baptism since i think last year in this zone and the stake is going down hill with problems which is really effecting us. i learned a lot this change about being humble and to stay positive and cheerful especially the ones you are having to lead I learned that one from the prophet Joseph apparently even in some of the darkest point in his life he would still be happy and cheerful and have a glow about him and I have really been striving to have that in my own life even if everything around me is colliding and it is making a difference. 

For this week we will be having 10 baptisms as a zone and 2 of them will be from us we had the blessing of baptising last week as well we found a young girl that her parents are members but were less active we have now reactivated them and she got baptized. So things are looking up I have learned like Ammon never to boast in my own strength but in the strength of God for as King Benjamin said if we were to work with all of our souls we would still be weak servants he only ask us to be obedient and give it our all and he will do the rest and that is all I have ever seen in my mission because I have seen and done things I know i never could do with out his help.  

That actually gives me a lot of comfort haha because I don't want to just rely in myself it stinks and you just ended up with a lot of headaches but i am definitely learning a lot in this last couple of changes. And I can feel it a little bit in my body just always aching and the pains of waking up just wanting a little bit more  and just always being tired almost falling asleep in lessons but I always remember the example of the Savior and how he was tired and in pain but the difference is he still gave it his all everyday so I'm trying my best  to do the same. And I have felt something pushing me and giving the strength i need to just go so hard that you get back to the house absolutely destroyed from the day and falling asleep while praying because your just so done haha i love it. And I always feel good because I know God knows I'm giving all i got. 

But I love you all please keep praying for the zone that we can complete our goals and that we can be as diligent and obedient as possible to be worthy of these blessing and miracles. 

Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

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