Sunday, April 26, 2015

La Vida esta Rica

Dear Family, 

This week has been just craziness! They took out some elders and put in some sisters so we had to go and teach them there area and investigators and members so we pretty much weren’t in our area for two days and we slept on wooden boards because they didn’t have any more mattress ha-ha so that felt really great I woke up filling like I got out of a hard football game ha-ha. 

And then we had to go and do splits and teach a couple of missionaries in different areas and go off and help move sisters to a different house  we probably only worked in our area on for a day it was ridiculous but god blessed us for, these sacrifices and we baptized}!!! It was a straight up miracle his name is Rolando he is 17 years old and a good guy we literally found him on the day of interview asked if he was worthy he was we took him he passed and got baptized I don’t know how but it happened and it was awesome. God is a God of miracles if you have the faith for them. 

 To answer dads question we do A LOT of training every week because everyone in or zone is training and we have the biggest zone in of all of the mission so the blessing just keep on coming  so we have to see how that is going so we always have splits and reunions every week with the leaders and missionaries. 

To answer mom it is starting to rain here and you know how it rains here in Guatemala just rivers ha-ha I love it and people just look at a tall gringo and a short little Latino running their butts of in the rain and just thinking what the ha-ha I love it 

But our house isn’t terrible it’s a little small but we are going to be moving next week before changes to a house that is pretty sweet we also have been having rat’s terrible those things are straight demons so we are happy to be leaving because there are three!!  But it is more rural then urban it’s close to the capital but also the coast so it’s a little different. But my companion Elder Guzman is great I love Latinos there a lot different but he is good we like to joke around a lot together I have learned that your companion is there to help you relive your stress and support you. 

I have been learning a lot with how to work with people we have been having reunions with the stake presidency and with our mission president and with both together!! That is when it is crazy but an awesome experience on how to see how to work and what it is that they do in a stake our stake is by far the most organized stake I have seen here in Guatemala it is really cool to be a part of. 

It incredible the things that you learn in the mission that prepare you for future things in life  

But I love you all till next week

Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

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