Sunday, May 3, 2015

No changes for me!

Dear Family, 

 Well it looks like I will be staying in Amatitlan for another change.  We didn’t have changes. I wasn’t surprised. President isn’t moving around a lot of zone leaders because there just are so many that are leaving and so many that have to move up right now.  Lots and lots of news in this mission right now it’s like the complete opposite of when I came in.  When I came in there was a ton that where in the middle, little going home and smaller coming in. 

But yes!! We have finally left the rat infested house.  We killed one right before we left ha-ha I’ll have to show the video some time it was funny just my companion and me screaming like little girls with brooms trying to hit the dumb thing and my companion ended up squishing it with his foot on accident. 

It took us FOREVER TO MOVE OUR STUFF.  I now know two things: I don’t like moving and finding a house to live in ahha I don’t know what I will do when I have to do the two. But it’s all good it’s over. It sounds like Sister Toma is getting all fancy with the iPad we definitely will never be using those things.  If everybody knew we had iPads we would be finding 190 missionaries getting guns and knives pulled on them ha-ha got to love Guatemala. It definitely is interesting how different each mission is and it just makes me have a stronger testimony that you are where GOD and those PEOPLE need ¨YOU to be. And that it will bless you in the future because you will become and learn the things you need to become and learn it really is incredible.  

But this next Sunday I’ll be skyping with you guys again for the last time so just send me your user name and all that. 

 But sorry it’s short I’ll make sure next week it’s a lot bigger. 

 But I love you guys!! 


Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

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