Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Family, 

 Well this week has been a crazy one a lot of reunions and meetings. But the food is always good ha-ha. 

 We got to go out one day and work with President that was pretty fun we just drove around in the car the whole time it was NICE and when we would walk we would kill the president ha-ha but he got me back when I decided to play mercy with him.... That was a bad mistake ha-ha. 

 We are doing good as a zone we have a big goal this change 72 and we need all the prayers we can get because we are down on missionaries but we are seeing some serious miracles.  We already have 16 sure baptisms this week. But please pray for us to complete this goal. 

 But the truth is to answers moms questions I don’t know how we do it but we have been having a ton of success even as I have been a leader and literally have had 0 time to work in my area we still baptize.  Normally leaders in the mission will baptize maybe 3 or 2 or just 1 but me and my companion we had 7 which is just crazy and we already have plans to baptize 8 this change so I don’t know how we do it we just have people that are ready to accept the gospel. This week we have a little sister that is like 80 that is going to be baptized her name is Virginia please pray for her that she will be alright and that she can do it and will be baptized this week. 

It has been hard to be a leader.  Sometimes it’s a lot of work you have to think about others the whole time and sometimes they can be just obnoxious or have a lot of problems but I have seen the way that God can change you and help you seem them for what they are and can become and that has helped me a lot and I have helped a lot of missionaries change and start to reach there potential and there is nothing better than to see that. 

 And I have learned how to love sisters because they... can be a handful sometimes ha-ha just ask Sister Toma. 

But I will be skyping my time at 520 so your time it’s at 620

 But we have been really focusing on teaching the missionaries to teach by the spirit and that its really through that not how we teach that will convert people like dad was saying and I think I was very blessed to understand that very early on in my mission and that has really made all of the difference I never worried to much what to say but I always had the courage to open my mouth and just say whatever came to me and be simple and clear but sincere  and just challenge people and invite them to be baptized and it always just  come off very powerful and I have a lot of special experiences of it being so strong we all would just start crying and seeing the spirt it work through me it is just the best thing there is and there really is no other way to teach the gospel I have found the gospel is more of a feeling  then just material I have asked many converts which included my companions and they have told me before they got baptized and afterwards they knew absolutely nothing they didn’t really get anything and then I would ask them why did you get baptized then and they would always joist say because it felt right it felt real and true and something I should do. So I have a strong testimony that the gospel is not in words not in books its something that you live and you will feel and see the difference like dad was telling me in this last email. 

But I can’t wait till see you on mother’s day till like 5 days!! 

Love you 

Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

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