Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dreams are real!

Dear Family,

This week has been a pretty crazy week we had a baptism!!! Her name is Virginia like our state!!! She is 83 years old (the oldest I have baptized) and she was hard to baptize at first ha-ha she is a tough old gal with a lot of attitude. She has 60 grand kids!!! That by itself shows how tough she is. 

But I just remember the whole time I was visiting her just seeing her in white the whole time and being baptized we would just keep visiting her telling her how much God loves her and we love her and that he wants her in his church and we do to. And she finally accepted and is now a member of his church. God knows who he wants in his church and there is nothing that we really can do to take that away. 

We can just be a part of it and help him in this work and see our personal progress from it or not and lose a chance to be more complete as a child of God. 

I received an email this week from an old investigator that I had her name is Gabby she was an atheist when I found her we began to talk a lot about God and how we can know that he is real. she is very intelligent and we were seeing some serious progress in her but she wouldn’t go to church for some personal problems that she had in her family well changes came and we know what happened I left and came her to Amatitlan and unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to say good bye to her she was very kind to us. Well turns out I found out that the Elders were looking through the area book that we left and saw Gabby and they felt impressed to go visit her and they began to teach her and she and her kids got baptized in the end and are active strong members in the church that by itself is a miracle but something more is this she wrote me and told me this she once had a dream as a young young girl a young man come to her and begin to teach her  she never forgot his face even through all these years . But as the years past she has always had some type of connection with the church either through family or friends but never had nobody invite her to go to church never had nobody teach her or even discuss what the book of Mormon is. until one day me and my companion were just walking and we felt impressed to go to a little store and ask just for water and that is when we meet Gabby and began to invite teach and help her understand what God had in store for her and that young man she saw in the dream was me. 

That’s not the first time that has happened to me her in Guatemala there are a lot of people here that believe in dreams ALOT and I wasn’t much for dreams but sometimes God will revel through dreams when he feels that it is necessary but the point of this story is this there are many people that are waiting just for YOU because YOU promised them that YOU would go find them and help them to come back to their heavenly father and he will use YOU no matter how weak you are and make you his hands. 

I love this work because of what it does for others but also for me. 

I love you al we also have the miracle of baptizing 12 this week and 48!!!!! The next please pray that they all can be baptized so that we complete the goal. 

We have 8 that are personally ours their names are  

  1. Angel Hurtate 
  2. Marijose
  3. Eder 
  4. Bessi 
  5. Fransico
  6. Paola
  7. Araceli 
  8. Villma Obando  

Please pray for each one of them so that they can be baptized. 


Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 


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