Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dear Family, 

Yeah so the reason that I wrote in the morning I was sending in the dates of the zone and I took advantage to say that tomorrow will be our pday so I won’t be able to write tomorrow but it will be today surprise!!! But this week has been a week of just miracles and fighting for mircoules ha-ha. We have as a zone planned out to baptize more than 30 this weeks and this is the last week of May so it’s all for nothing so please pray for us that we can help these 30 souls. 
We had ourselves a great miracle we had a baptism whoohoo of a man named Angel he is from the family Hurtarte that we have pretty much all baptized little by little that whole family will be members. This week has been pretty much work we have been working hard to find news and working hard to help the people we have to be baptized and doing lots of divisions which are always fun ha-ha I got to do divisions with Elder Johnson which was pretty fun actually it was the first time I have done divisions with the Assistants that’s pretty lame they just never worried about us I guess or they just never wanted to hang out with me ha-ha one of the two.

You can see in this photo that I sent of a pizza absolute wrecked well my companion and I were running to the house with this pizza in his hands and I could hear him moving it around a lot and I kept telling him hey be careful or you are going to ruin the pizza and he would just keep saying that it is fine don’t worry about it well we got home I went to the bathroom and all I hear is my companion screaming (in Spanish) what the heck and then I come in and just see the pizza destroyed...I learned a lesson that day never let your Latino companion carry the pizza. I feel that in this change I have really been learning how to have patience with someone and help them to be better and to also accept them for who they are and that they are not perfect I love my companion he is a good guy and very humble.. at times ha-ha but he definitely taught me those things. I have learned something new with every companion I have had all of them I have gotten along with but some more than others and some you just click right away and you are the best of friends and those are the best changes you have. 

It definitely taught me to be careful with who I chose to marry that’s for sure I can get along with just about anybody but it doesn’t mean that I like to be around them all the time ha-ha the mission definitely teaches you what to do and what to look for in someone (especially when it comes time to live with them in the same house). 
I have a question for you all and let’s see if you can answer it in D&C 103: 9-10 it says that we are a light to the world but also saviors so my question is this How can we be saviors of men? So you can write your answer to me and I have one and we will see you got it  ha-ha. But I love you all see you next week!!! 
Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

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