Sunday, June 28, 2015

El Frutal!

Dear Family, 

So you all know that I have had changes well yeah I had to say goodbye to Amatitlan and say hello to El Frutal!! so I am now the new zone leader in the zone el Frutal its pretty close to villa nueva and villa Hermosa which I both I have been in it is in the city ha-ha I think more than half of my mission has been in the capital now. But it is great my companion is from Salvador I think my first from there his name is elder Henriquez he is a good guy has a little bit more time then my last companion. But there are a couple of catches with all of this one is that me and my companion are opening the area so we have no idea where we are and we don’t know anybody in the zone or in the 2 wards we have to assist or the members our first day we just kind of winged it ha-ha you can see how my President likes to mess with me. Also my companion is a new zone leader so I am training him at the same time and also this stake has only been a stake for less than 2 years so it’s super young still. Ha-ha so we got a lot to do here but I have also seen the hand of the lord in all of this and I never doubt that where you go is a mistake. The moment me and my companion have gotten here we have seen nothing but miracles the very first day the lord just guided us and we found so many people that the last elders were teaching by sheer coincidence it got to the point we found one of our missionary leaders by accident and he showed more of the area and the investigators. We also have seen a lot of miracles in the zone we have a lot of fechas for these weeks which is not normal here at all we are going to be baptizing this week alone more than they have baptized in a change so I am just happy right now ha-ha but please pray for us that these people can be baptized that we can baptize these all the people this week,  

 Me and my companion also have been seeing some miracles we are going to be baptizing this week whooo!!! It is a pure miracle of a man named Erik he is married to a member and has a step son that is serving a mission but he has listened and gone to church for a long time for 15 years!! and we didn’t even find him till Sunday we saw him in the area book and I had the impression we needed to find this guy because he will be our baptism for this month well we called him he couldn’t meet us for work but we got him to commit to go to church well Sunday he came we talked to him and this is when it got interesting he told us look elders I have been thinking a lot for a while...I want to get baptized I know that this is the truth and the church that I need to be in. Wow!! Well we definitely told him okay and he will be baptized this Sunday God is a God of miracles.  

 But I love you all see you next week!!!
Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

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