Sunday, April 12, 2015

What's up?

Dear Family,  

This week has been a crazy week we had our leader meeting in the house of president did you guys ever have to do it?? I love it we go to the house and just eat a lot of good food and joke around with president its the best meeting for me by far in the mission haha. 

It has been a trying week for the mission not just for the zone we had as a zone half of what we reported but even worse our zone baptized half of the missions baptisms for the week which is a all time low.  It is worrying us a lot as leaders partly its because more then 70% of the zone has less then a year and that is a huge difference in experience so they just don't know as much as how to work but also the obedience and diligence has gone down a lot.  

It was really cool to hear my former mission president be called as one of the counselors of the young men presidency (I started to freak out and scream) But I knew he was going to be a general authority he just has power about him. And the most important thing he taught me is the power to be obedient with exactness diligent and always have a unshakable faith and how you will should never be satisfied but always aiming higher and giving your all always. 
Me and my companion taught that to the missionaries in our zone and it seemed to be helping them all and we are hoping that this will give them the fire that they need to start destroying it in there missions. 

That really is the secret to how i have always had success where ever i have been I pray like everything depends on God and I work like everything depends on me and even if i would have to suffer or wait a little bit on him he always has provided.

This week me and my companion baptized 2 miracles we baptize a young women named Abigail who is the third in her family we have baptized and the other is named Mabilie who's parents died but her grandma is a member we didn't even know we just started to talk to her we taught her  and we just baptized her hah i love miracles like that that only come from obedience. 

For the God of Israel is a god of Miracles but he can only do them through the our faith. 

I loved General Conference it answered everyone of my questions as well that i had and more!! 

But I love you all keep praying for the work of the lord that it can keep moving forward we are making temples in places that seem I'm possible and we have a

lot more to go till it will cover the whole earth so we need to baptized even more!!

Elder Toma 

Guatemala Ciudad Central Mission 

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