Sunday, February 15, 2015

Amatitlan for life!!!

Dear Family, 

 Well this  week has been a crazy one yeah changes have come and gone and it looks like I have gone back to one of my zone yet again ha-ha I’ve gone back to Amatitlan which is just weird because I was just there like only 2 months ago ha-ha. But this time I am with Elder Johnson!!!!! Yeah another gringo!!!!!!!!! He entered in the mission with me so that makes it super fun we totally didn’t expect to be together I don’t think anybody did ha-ha but it  really great to be with him in Amatitlan its already being a fun change but man oh man has the mission changed there is a lot more responsibility now  and pressure this zone is the number 1 baptizing zone but if we don’t baptize we just look like clowns and the stake here is a straight up business it is super organized and the stake president expects a lot out of us. But it is all good we are going to just kill it here. 

 Ha-ha I laugh every time I see the photos of sister Toma it’s like the complete opposite of where I am there’s no snow its cold and there  are huge complicated and beautiful (forgot how to spell that) buildings hah you don’t want to know the things I have had to see and live in but I absolutely love it!!!! But yeah there are a lot of missionaries that aren’t in the mission anymore we’re down to only 175 right now but we have received permission from Salt Lake and they are going to send more till it comes to about 220 so there is going to be a lot of trainers and newbies ha-ha it should be fun So that’s why they closed a lot of areas but this next change they will start opening them back up.  

 But right now we finished a zone training and had our President and the stake presidents talk to us because in March we are going to be going for 72 baptisms (that’s a lot!!!) and we are going to get it if we work hard with the members and are obedient so please pray for us. 

But this photo is my white bible (Missionary manual) I dropped it in the toilet by accident then I thought it would be a good idea if I just  put it in the microwave for like a minute or two and this is what happens.....I learned a lesson that day and now just have a manual in English ha-ha 

You can learn something new everyday 

 Love you all 

Elder Toma 

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