Sunday, February 1, 2015


Well Surprise!!!! Ha-ha 

It looks like we didn’t  go to the conference at all that’s why I am writing today we got uninvited to the conference ha-ha I don’t know how that happens but our mission didn’t go just a couple of others. 

We found out later why or at least I did through some of the other elders apparently the Seventy told our President that our mission doesn’t need to go because all they will be talking about is how to be obedient and work hard and just kind of give it to them but they said our mission already does all that perfectly so there is no point it was the nicest complement our President said he has gotten. But I wanted to go!! Ha-ha it’s whatever we had more time to work. 

We ended up doing or zone pday yesterday and we went to Antigua again ha-ha but it’s for all of the dead people so they could buy last minute stuff I just ate huge nachos and ice cream that’s about it ha-ha.  
We have seen a lot of miracles though the Elders in my old area found a women that has been going to church for over a year but hadn’t been baptized yet. The sisters found her a while ago but couldn’t keep in contact with her and out of nowhere the Elders found her and began to teach her in her house she hadn’t been baptized because her parents wouldn’t let her but recently her father died and she is now 20 so she felt ready and wanted to do it so we received special permission and I interviewed her and she was baptized ha-ha only 2 days of teaching but she is super smart and it was just her time. 
We have been also working with the members a lot which I just love!!! That’s were I have had most of my success just learning how to help members and getting them to come with us and finding their friends. But please work with the missionaries and give them references you will see miracles don’t be afraid of being rejected or opening your mouth half of you have already done it for 18 to 2 years it’s not any different than it was before!! But through this we will be baptizing a man whose family are members except him and 2 kids whose mom was inactive for 16 years but she has reactivated thanks to some members and we have been visiting her with them and now the kids want to be baptized just pure miracles through mebers and we have found a ton of positive people just through members saying hey come with me to go visit a friend I believe in the saying of President David O McKay ´Every Member is a missionary´ WE just have to believe it to. That the mission doesn’t end you just have to do adapt it in a different way. 

But changes is next week so by the next week will find out what happens to Elder Toma se va o se queda??? Saber ha-ha but it should be awesome I might be baptizing someone at 3 in the morning on change day so that should be interesting 

But I love you all  

Elder Toma 

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