Sunday, January 25, 2015

I love this mission!

Dear Family,

It sounds like a lot of the Apostles like to go to Virginal that’s pretty cool by the time I get home mom will have a picture taken with all 12 ha-ha.  That’s weird that Braden is starting his Eagle project how is mine even doing now??  Why does Conner not want to do football?  wrestling is good through but both is even better ha-ha.  
This week has been just a week of thanks for everything. Thanks for the opportunity to be here thanks for the chance to change thanks for the gift of knowing this gospel and thanks for these two miracle baptism that we had this week. We had the privilege of baptizing a women and a young man this week. And not only us but a family was baptized in the district by the other Elders that are in my old area. 

We did divisions which are always fun and when we did them I got to go down and go to my old area so I got to see a lot of my old converts which was cool. But that night I and the Elder I was with went to this family to challenge them to be baptized for that Sunday!!! We began to teach and talk and when it came for the moment to invite them to be baptized they said no....... and began to explain why that they didn’t feel ready they wanted more time they didn’t want to do it and then fall away like a bunch of people they have seen just a bunch of....excuses. In this moment personally I didn’t know exactly what to say in this moment they were very firm that they weren’t going to do it this Sunday. 

In this moment I began to pray and ask for help form on high and in that moment I began to get quick impressions and began to talk and talk very boldly about what there really doubts were and then tell them that I knew the spirt has touched your hearts and you know that it is what you need to do and that you know that you need to be baptized this week. And my companion in this moment began to talk and I pulled out a scripture and read it and I could feel the spirt just grow thicker and thicker to the point where it was hard not to cry we felt the pure love of God in this moment and I knew at that moment that they were going to say yes and that they were going to be baptized. After speaking it got very quit and they just sat there for a moment... And then the wife began to cry and say that it was all true and that  she knew she needed  to be baptized and that she was going to do it after seeing his wife cry the husband to was touched and agreed to do it as well. 

I am grateful for the promise that the Lord gave us in doctrine covenants that he will go in front of our face and prepare the hearts of men and his angels will be around us lifting us up if we just have the courage just to open our mouths first and let him fill it. I love this work and I love God and the chance he has given me to even have his sons name on my chest and to represent him. 

This week I won’t be able to write till Wednesday because Monday a general authority will come to speak to us and then Tuesday will be pday for the zone hah it will be busy and then after that week it will be changes so will see what happens but I love you all see you in a week. 

Elder Toma 

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