Thursday, September 11, 2014

This week has been a great week of miracles!

Dear Family,

This week has been a great week of miracles.

The first miracle is that our President let us go to the other temple here in Guatemala.   This has NEVER been done before.   We were the very first ones.   So that was just awesome.   We also took some converts with us which was even cooler.  But it was super weird because only the first councilor which has is only  21 years old  came with us with a bunch of women because it was a Relief Society activity.   We had to guide and plan a lot of this activity in Santiago.   We are a part of the Presidency which just puts a lot  more stress on us.    You learn a lot and you get close with the members.    I can't send the pictures this week becuase I am using a bad computer that is super old!!   But next week I'll do it.

 This week we are going to be having a baptism again!!! The sister of the girl that we baptized will be baptized this Saturday and confirmed with her sister the next day which is Sunday.   At first she didn't want to do it becuase she felt alone.    Her mom won't be able to get baptized until the 28.   While we were listening to her concerns an  impression came to me to just be bold and say that she can be baptized this Saturday and confirmed this Sunday and I did and she accepted!!   I can't say how many times the Sprit has helped in my lesson every time really,  and its always the best.   So were looking forward to that this week.

Some weird stuff that is happening is  that I am doing splits with one of the guys that entered with me and is now my zone leader.   That's pretty weird  haha  . And who knows what we  are going to do if I have to teach in Tzutujil.     They haven't done splits here for over a year so it's really weird that we are doing them this time.   But it will be fun. Also a funny thing that happened my companion and I were asked to bless a car haha.   That was a first for the both of us.   We didn't even know how to do it haha.  So we just offered a pray and stuff like that haha.   The things people will ask you to do here.

It's crazy how fast changes are starting to go.  I don't know if my companion has changes,  will have to see.   It's possible but I don't think it will happen.   Its Santiago you have to change your mind to accept that you will be here for the minimum of 5 changes.   It's a crazy assignment but I am happy that I am here and I have changed and grown a lot from it.  Thank you mom and dad for your letters and stories to help me and guide me.

I love you and I hope everything is going good back home. Until next week


Elder Toma

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