Sunday, August 31, 2014

Utz Awech

Dear Family,

week changes have passed and i am still here in Santiago (no surprise will be here maybe till February) But to answer dad's question to say hi in Tzutujil is Utz awech.
Haha and you won't say it right because it's like English the way you spell it but it is different than how you say it.

Well we have definitely just been receiving blessing after blessing.  We are hopefully going to have a baptism of 3 this week!!! A family! We found them through old records that are in the area book and we decided to visit them and it turned out to be super positive and now they are wanting to be baptized! We also found a guy that is super super cool! His name is Francisco and we were planning to visit one of his neighbors but they weren't home so we decided to contact and the first house that we decided to contact was his and he said come on in (which is super weird in Santiago) And he turned out to be a super pillas guy he told us of part of his life story that he used to be in gangs and take a ton of drugs and sell it and just playing in the world until one time he and his friend wanted to by some drugs to use but they didn't have any money so they waited and looked around and they saw a woman that they knew had a ton of money and they robbed her and tried to run for it but while they were trying to get away they ended up being put right in the middle and waiting for them on each side were the police the army and a mob with machetes and fire to kill and burn them ( that's what they do here).   So with that they knew they were done for but his friend and him threw the stuff away and started to pray like crazy and while they were praying somehow inches from them the mob passed by and he said after that he gave it all up and he moved here to Santiago. But his son got really sick and had to go to the hospital and during this time he began to pray and tell God that he would do his will and he wants to change and that he could help him to it. and literally the next day we knocked on his door.

 And another cool thing that happened is that he has kept a Book of Mormon that an Australian gave to him 15 years ago! Becuase every time he wanted to toss it or burn it or something he would get a feeling that he shouldn't and that he needs to keep it So I have seen that God really does prepare people IN HIS Time and that we just have to be worthy and ready for when he would guide us to these people that are ready like with us and now we are teaching him and he wants to come to church with us and I think he will be getting baptized with his family which is like one of the first complete families to be baptized in like a year maybe.

But say thanks and hi for everyone for me.

I love you all

Elder Toma

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