Monday, August 4, 2014

Progress in a new assignment

Dear Family,

Well this week has been pretty tough to be honest we aren't really finding and new investigators nobody wants to come to church with us and the fecha that we had is having problems with alcohol so we are hoping to baptize him later on.
It definitely has been a humbling experience here and I have been learning a lot from that and it is helping to change even more to be more of the missionary the Lord wants for me but suffering is definitely not easy that's for sure. The language is hard because there aren't to many books that you can use to study from and the use there throat a TON!! It's like Hebrew actually. My new companion is named Elder Ortega and he is from Nicaragua and he can speak in like 4 languages!! So he is a pro with learning languages so he has been helping a lot to learn this one.
There are some very strong members here but then there are a lot that have a lot of problems and that is part of the challenges here because the people here don't really trust us that much here. so references and working with members here is super crucial if we want to baptize.

  But we do our emails here in Santiago or in San Lucas were our district is because we switch every other week on were we will go because its not close at all from Santiago to san Lucas. But we have to go shopping in Patulul which is really weird because its like 15 minutes away from my first area and that's were I use to shop before. But we have a lady that cooks for us but Sundays we don't have anyone so we have to cook ourselves but I want to change that. And ha-ha I never have had to do my own laundry there is always someone that will do it  we don't have time for that.
But here in Santiago its cooler and the clouds are super low here because we are in the mountains so it gets foggy sometimes but it can get a little warmer here as well when the sun is out. But we had interviews for the first time with President Markam and it is a lot different then how Pres. Brough did them haha it will be interesting working with President Markham he is a lot more energetic and outgoing and different. But it took like 2 hours to get ot the place that we are going to do interviews that's why we are writing today not tomorrow because its like all day long pretty much. And we had to get up at like 1230 to do all of our studies and everything so I am like dying right now haha. But love you all pray for me and my companion that we can have a baptism here.


Elder Toma


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