Sunday, July 20, 2014

One of the chosen ones. . . a new assignment

Utz awech!!!!

No that is not a keyboard error that's the language that I have to learn!!!!
That's right there is a lot that has happened this last week and I am still trying to get it in my head that it happened.

So first of all, yes I had changes and it turned out that the rumors were true about where I would be going. So when I arrived at changes I was told that I had an interview with president (and you only have interviews if you are going to be made a leader OR if you are receiving a calling such as secretary or assistant to the president).

So when I entered I thought that maybe I would be made a district leader or something on the coast of the city. . . something like that ...NOPE I have been called to the sacred calling that maybe only 15 elders have ever been called to since 2008. I have been called to serve in Santiago Atitlan which is the only place in the mission where you have to learn a language [other than Spanish] and is an assignment. To give a little bit of detail about my area it is the farthest area in all of the mission, about 4 hours from the mission home and is up in the volcanoes and mountains of  lake Atitlan or the Waters of Mormon.  The lake is half of our area.  It is so big it's incredible. We have no one near us.  It's literally just me, my companion and God and that's it.  
We have separate, rules separate tasks and we have to work differently and we have to really only answer to the president.  It's like its own separate mission it's so different here. The culture is completely different.  They are literally descendant of Lehi, pure Mayans that only wear a special type of clothing. It's incredible but with that we also have to learn another language that they only speak here called Tz¨Utijil but there are no grammar books and nobody can read or write it really so it's EVEN harder. And this is not a regular calling.  President does not pick whatever Elder to work here it's like being called into the office because I know I will be here automatically for 5 months at the least.

But I didn't even tell you what happened before I went to my new area with my new companion.  That's a whole other story. But it is tough here and I see why that President has to do a separate fast and even go to the temple to decide who to send here because it is not a place for everyone.  There are a lot of problems here and if you aren't careful you will go crazy here and just lose it and have a ton of depression. And it was the very last assignment President Brough gave me before he left.  I don't fully know why he choose me to go here out of all the Elders but I remember what he said to me before he left and that gives me a little bit of an answer why.

But I love you all.  This area is amazing. Elders kill to go here and I am lucky enough to be one of the chosen ones to do it

Love Elder Toma  

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