Saturday, July 12, 2014

I like my new President.

Dear Family,

Our Zone's White Sunday.  My new mission president is on the left.

I made this cake from them it was goooddd!! 
Well like I said in my email last week, we have changes but I will be changed tomorrow.  I thought I knew where I am going but my zone leader told me that they don't have changes, so who knows. . . just a bunch of rumors. So I will have to tell you next week. But haha I didn't even know we had a earthquake until now.  
My companion told me he felt it but I was a sleep like a rock.

But the mission is good.  Erika will not be baptized this change before I leave.  Dang it.  She drank the dumb coffee again but I helped her to create a plan so that she can avoid it. So hopefully she will be baptized after changes with my companion and his new one.

My mission president is crazy! He is completely different from my old one.  He punches you in the arm and is a lot more vocal haha. But its good with him.  I like my new president.
I completely forgot about the 4 of July.  I wore an American tie with the flag of America the next day hah.

It's weird that  have changes. I was only in the area for one change! But It is what it is.

But right now I don't have any questions.  How do you guys work in your missions or how did your mission work and your presidents? 
Mi amigo Hermano Cristales 

Elder Toma

Finally real food and real rice!!!!!!! With metal chop sticks which were a little weird.  Almost cried though was so happy  

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