Saturday, December 13, 2014

Changes this week. . .

Dear Family,

If you can understand the header haha yep it looks like I have changes and I am going somewhere new.  Don't know where if I had to put money on it I would say the coast but we will see.  Also something awesome, My  companion is training!!!  This doesn't happen much in the mission.  Most missionaries don't or move up so fast.  This is the first time I have seen it in since I have been here.   I am so proud of that guy he is going to be awesome.

Thank you all for the birthdays., yes I ate cake it was awesome and somehow everybody knew that it was my birthday and some of my converts even wrote me and sent cards which was just the best.    I think the best gift I got were 2 miracle baptisms and a lot of investigators assisting that was just great for me because it made me feel that God remembered me that day.

We had a fun Christmas activity and there we met a family that is just golden other Elders invited them to go to this activity and they came! and later we set up a appointment with them and invited them to come to church and they did!!   It was  a super awesome gift but my companion will be the one to take advantage of it haha.  But  the real miracle this week was two more baptisms the first one is named Monica.  She has been talking to the missionaries for over a year!!   She just came up to us one day and said she wanted to be baptized so we taught her and baptized her on my birthday.  

Oh if you were wondering why i have a devil pinata its because my birthday is on the day of the devil where they set on fire and burn like devil pinata and trash so they did it as a joke haha 
The second  is a girl named Carolina she is part of a family that we have been teaching for awhile and baptized one of the girls but she has been really nervous about being baptized and the day of her interview she just disappeared and she wasn't answering her cell phone or anything!!  We were just running around everywhere just trying to find her but we couldn't.   We kept praying that night that she could just come to church just so that we could help her and the next day that prayer was answered she came but not only that she wanted to get baptized and she was!! So that was just on one of the best birthdays that I have had, I am very grateful to have been here in this area.

For Christmas day we are going to Skype you but I will tell you more of  the details and all that later because they haven't said anymore haha.

But I love you all talk to you later

Elder Toma  

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